How to Make Money Online with No Money

This is a simple method that ANYONE can do to make money online with no money needed.  Yes, you read that right.  The age old saying is “it takes money to make money” but I’m going to show you how that is not true.  I’m going to show you how I showed a friend of mine who was as a broke as a joke to make money online starting out with nothing.  Here’s the secret, become a middleman.  Now, that won’t satisfy you because you want to be spoon fed.  Fine, I’ll throw you a bone.  I’ll throw you a big bone.  Open wide, here it comes.

You’ve heard of a site called haven’t you?  People offer their services or products for $5.  There’s tons of things to choose from here, SEO backlinking, video creation, testimonials, etc…  These people are happy to do something for you for $5.  But you know what, not everyone in the world knows about fiverr.  In fact, outside of the internet marketing community I’d say that fiverr is relatively unknown.

Step 1

Find a fiverr gig that you know you can resell for a profit.  The one my friend chose was testimonial videos.  There are tons of people on fiverr who will do a 30 second to 60 second testimonial.  You can give them the script or they make it up on their own.  Find a bunch of these gigs.

Step 2

Find a place to offer the product/service you found.  Examples,,, Forums, Message Boards, blog comments, etc…  Now go and list the service and ask a reasonable price, let’s say $20 for a 60 second testimonial.

Step 3

If you list your offer in the right places you’ll get emails.  For every 10 emails my friend got he closed on 3 of them.  That’s a great close rate, but the email replies are very targeted.  For video testimonials my friend was able to collect the sale money up front because he told people he has to pay his actors up front.  $20 is not a big outlay for people to make so most people won’t have a problem with it.  And once you start to earn some money I’d recommend buying yourself a domain and putting up a basic website that you can direct people to in order to give yourself credibility.

Step 4

Take your sales money and head over to fiverr and hire some people to make the testimonials.

Step 5

Deliver the testimonials.  Process completed.  Now you made money online with no money.  And the best part is that anyone can do this, it is easy, it is quick, and you can also build an email list of people you can try to sell services to in the future.  It’s a win win win win for you.

I’m sick and tired of hearing people complain they can’t make money online, or they don’t have money so they can’t make money.  I have given you 5 steps that have proven to work and that YOU or ANYONE can do.  Now get out there and start making some money!

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  1. I’ve been hearing a lot more talk about Fivver. How old are they? How long have you been a member?

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  2. Genius

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  3. This Is Pretty Vague….. If I Have NO MONEY What Would I Get People To Give A Testimonial About? Is It A Product Of Mine? Or Would I Be the One Giving Testimonials Myself?

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