The Top 100 Places to Buy a Domain Name

If you need to buy a domain name you are going to love this graphic that lists out The Top 100 Places to Buy a Domain Name.  I think a lot of people are going to want to bookmark this page because this is a great reference that you can use whether you are a big time domain buy or someone who buys a domain every now and again.  If you need to buy a domain name most people know all the big places but many people don’t know or forget about the rest of the places out there and there are many hidden gems that the graphic below will remind you (or inform you) about.


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  1. Stumbled across this on Twitter. Great post! Many of these I hadn’t heard of.

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  2. Nice work!

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  3. Great list, excellent resource!

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  4. Proud to have made this list as a Newbie only six months in!

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  5. The best domaining graphic for me. Full marks for presentation and research!!!

    Chris, your ebook is also very helpful. Thank you.

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  6. Brilliant idea! Just bookmarked it for future reference (and love the fact that my own site is included ).

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  7. Great work, it just shows the scale of the domain industry. I’ll be sharing this one!

    Thanks for including DN Trade on your list, us Aussies love our domains 🙂


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  8. Glad to make the list, also glad you guys highlighted the fact that Andrew Reberry(HUGEDOMAINS) and Mike Mann (DOMAIN MARKET) suck up all the left over and sloppy seconds dropped domains and slap a $5,000 price tag on each one and think that their marketplace is worth millions but in reality because they own so many domains for every $1.00 they sell they have to pay $1.50 in renewal fees.They may have large turnovers but they make as much profit as that homeless bum standing on the corner of 49th and Main.If any large company had any sense they would look elsewhere to buy out a domain marketplace.

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  9. Great list of top 10 places of logo, marketplace, domain selling.

    I think its take lot of your valuable time to create this list.

    Will share it on my FB page.

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