How to Increase Your Monthly Earnings… Do It Yourself!

There will come a time (or multiple times) when your earnings online hit a wall.  You can’t seem to get over the hump and earn more.  People will tell you to “scale it up” but for some reason it’s just not working for you.  Well, I’m not going to solve the scaling up problem for you today but I will give you a tip that could help bump up those earnings significantly.  Do It Yourself.

Now this won’t work in every instance, but in a lot of situations you could be doing it yourself and increasing your earnings.  Don’t give me that puzzled look, I haven’t explained what I mean yet.

Let’s say you are doing what tons of people are doing and promoting a Clickbank product.  Most of the products pay a 75% of sale commission.  Most of the products offered there when you break them down and move beyond the fancy sales page are actually very simple products, something like an ebook or basic software.  Something that you could put together in a day or two if you wanted to.  Something that could increase your earnings by 33% if you did.  Let’s look at the numbers.

I do all this work to drive traffic to Jimbo’s “Get Rick Quick” ebook product.  I do SEO, blog commenting, PPC ads, PPV ads, etc…  His product sells for $100 so for each sale I drive I get a nice $75.  You should be happy, right?  Well not so fast my friend.  Jimbo created an ebook and a sales page and that’s it.  And now for every sale you are driving you are handing him $25.  Why?  You can write a similar ebook.  You can get a similar sales page made for a hundred bucks.  You could be promoting your own offer.  And now instead of $75 per sale you get $100 per sale which is a sweet 33.3% increase in your income.  If you were driving 3 sales per day that’s an extra $75 per day in income for you, which annualized is over $27,000 additional dollars for you.

You can apply this Do It Yourself attitude to a multitude of different things.  Let’s say you sell some of your domain names through a domain broker.  Did you first try contacting all the possible end users out there?  If you have a domain that will sell for $10k and a broker normally charges 15%, isn’t it worth an hour or two of your time to try to sell the domain on your own first?  I mean that commission you’re going to be handing away is $1,500.

You want to promote an ’email submit’ offer running on a CPA network.  Sure, it’s easy to do that.  But if you have the bandwidth why not dig into how that company that is collecting the email is profiting from it and then instead of getting email submits for them, get those email submits for yourself.  There’s much more money on the backend to be made for you if you do it yourself.

There may be times when you really can’t do it yourself because to get up and running may cost too much for you, or may be beyond your scope, or may be too damn time consuming.  But I challenge you to take a look at what you are doing and really examine if you can eliminate someone from the money path and increase your share of the profits by spending a little time and a little money up front.

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