How I Plan to Profit from the gTLDs

What was before primarily .com will soon be able to be .anything and while I think this will be a successful (small) niche for a few players I think a lot of the new domain extensions will die a quick death.  That will not stop me though from attempting to make some money in the short term, even on extensions that I think won’t be around in a few years (or even a year or two).  Here is what I’m focused on and how I plan to profit:

1.  I won’t buy unless I have a potential buyer in mind.  Some companies like to own their business in every extension.  If the operate on a dictionary word domain then it is fair game to purchase.  I wouldn’t buy this for every gTLD out there, but for the ones where the domain extension makes sense with the keyword.

2.  I want to package together some gTLD domains with my current holdings and try to push a package deal to a company as it may be more tempting.  If I own a keyword in the .net extension but I haven’t had success in moving it, I am willing to take a shot and purchase the same keyword in some of the gTLD extensions and try to show value to a company by buying the package.  Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but I’ll only need to sell one package to pay for tons more.

3.  I will look for keywords where there are tons of companies that have added something on to the keyword on a .com domain.  What I mean is there is only one but there may be tens or hundreds of sites that add another word, maybe, or, or whatever.  Of all those potential companies, what is the likelihood that one of them would prefer Cars.web or I’ll take a shot here.

It is a calculated risk so only gamble if you have money to lose.  While I’m not a huge fan of most of the gTLDs that does not mean that there is not a potential to make a profit off of them.  And if you plan on doing it then the time is now.  The web won’t be able to support 500+ more extensions in my opinion, too much supply and not enough demand.  But while they are shiny and new is the time to strike.  If you have any investing strategies for the new gTLDs share below if you want.

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  1. Thanks for asking. I have a unique gtld strategy I’d like to share in an effort to help domainers make oodles of money in cyber real estate…ready…here it is…renew your .COM’s.

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  2. Good ideas. Thank you.

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