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If you want to rank your website high with offpage SEO work one of the main ways to accomplish this that many people don’t do is guest post blogging.  If you are living under a rock (and there are some of you that are) and don’t know what guest post blogging is it is getting a blog owner to post an article that you write on their site.  The norm is that the article must be unique, high quality content, written only for the blog you are submitting it to (i.e.  you can’t use the same article and guest post on 50 different blogs with it) which is about a subject that is in line with what the blog you are guest posting on is about.  You are normally allowed to include a link to a site of yours in the article.  Some blogs allow you to do this in the course of the article, other blogs let you write up a little paragraph blurb at the end of the guest post about who you are or what your site is and include a link.

Guest post blogging is whitehat SEO at its finest.

  • You are getting a backlink on a site that is about the same subject as your site.
  • The number of outbound links on your article page should be minimal, unlike if you go around leaving comments and trying to get backlinks that way.
  • Your backlink is within the article which is the sweet spot of  a site.
  • Not only do you get SEO value, but if your article is done very well you’ll have people who read the article check out your site so you get traffic from it.
  • If you have kick ass guest posts you’ll get some notoriety within that niche’s blog community and it will open more guest post blogging opportunities to you on other people’s sites.

I admit that my guest post blogging is slacking.  This is something that I’d like to focus on in the next six months.  I think Anticareer.com is a great site that I can write guest posts for so if/when I get some guest posts out there on other blogs I’ll be sure to mention it here.

There are two ways that you can go about getting onto someone else’s site.  The first way is by contacting them directly through their site.  Either their contact form (if they have one) or grabbing their email from the Whois database.  The first thing that a blog owner is going to do is check out your site and see how it looks.  I’ve allowed a few people to write a guest post on Anticareer and my first check is to see if their site looks professional.  I’m not going to allow a slouch to guest post on my site, so if you are going to want to guest post on people’s sites make sure you have a professional site to present to them.  Most blog owners aren’t going to allow you to guest post when you are promoting a landing page, or a site that looks like it is from 1998, or a site that they would be embarrassed to be associated with.

The second way you can find guest post opportunities is by using a site that looks to connect guest post writters with website owners.  One site like this is MyBlogGuest.com.  I have signed up with MyBlogGuest but I have yet to do any guest posting opportunities because I’ve been swamped… but as I mentioned earlier I’ll be making a conscious effort to step this up in the next few months.  So I can’t give a review on how well this site works yet (I’ll save that for another day after I test it out a bit).  I’m sure there are other great sites out there that connect guest posters with site owners so if this is something you’re interested in spend a little time doing the research (and if you feel like helping fellow man out you can drop a comment below and tell us what sites you’ve come across that are quality).

Writing guest posts is hard work.  The article content needs to be premium.  You can’t write 300 words and call it a day.  And the time and effort may seem like a lot for only 1 backlink.  But this is what can seperate your site from other sites in your niche and bump you above them in the SERPS.  If there’s any guest post pro’s out there and you have some tips let me know or you can even do a guest post on Anticareer about Guest Posting.  See you on the other side.

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  1. I agree. I beleive a good SEO strategy is one that has other benefits besides increased rankings and search engine traffic. Guest blogging gets you in front of another websites audience, driving referral traffic to your website and there can also be a lot of added social exposure from it. Many times your posts will be shared on the blog owners social networks getting you even more visibility.

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  2. Guest posting has helped one of my sites move up in Google. I was stuck at the number 7 position and had hired a few different SEO guys to try to move it higher. They failed and I tried guest posting and I am not up to #3.

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