What Web Hosting Do I Use for Internet Marketing?

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A lot of people who are new to making their own websites (and even some grizzled old vets) ask me what web hosting company I use for my sites related to internet marketing.  I answer that it depends on what I’m trying to do on my site.  The hosting company with the most flexibility that I use for most of my internet marketing ventures is HostGator (check out their sale prices here).  There are a few reasons why I use them on my internet marketing sites and I’ll tell you what they are.  You can easily access your control panel and see everything in one shot.  They are probably the easiest control panel web hosting company I’ve seen (and I’ve seen tons).  Another reason I put my IM sites on their hosting is that they offer 24/7 live support.  A few other companies offer this too but HostGator has some smart guys on the customer service team (it is not outsourced to workers who barely understand what hosting is like some other companies that I won’t mention do).  And probably the biggest reason is that they are willing to work with you.  If you need something custom done on your hosting that isn’t a default setting they have been willing to work with me to get this done and I have not found another hosting company that has always done this for me.  So what I tell everyone who asks is that if you are doing internet marketing stuff the best host is HostGator (and their prices are very low too which never hurts).

Now if I’m going to do a WordPress blog on a site, just a straightforward WordPress blog that I’m either going to turn into a product review site, or an authority site using Adsense to monetize it, or a site to try to earn CPA commissions, or a site like Anticareer I’m going to use GoDaddy hosting.  You can check out there hosting prices here.  The reason I use GoDaddy for WordPress blogs is that setting up a WordPress blog is literally a push button process.  Push a few buttons and you got the base WordPress blog on your site.  You can also track all your blogs through a central GoDaddy Hosting Connection page so if my sites need the latest WordPress update they will tell me about it there.  I like easy and when you are creating a ton of WordPress blogs like me you will appreciate the simplicity of setting them up using GoDaddy.

Some tips for you…  hosting companies usually offer different shared hosting plans.  One plan is for a single site, one plan is for something like 10-25 sites, and one is for unlimited sites.  If you want to have 100 sites you might think you should get the unlimited hosting account.  That can work, but if you’re going to be linking any of your sites together (i.e.  try to create some link juice between your sites) it would be a telltale sign to Google if all those websites were using the same hosting IP address.  What I would recommend is (if you can afford it) get a few of the middle plans and then you can crosslink your sites (just be careful when doing this between there is a fine line between cross linking/maximizing link juice and getting deindexed for having a perceived link farm.   And crossing that link can cause you countless hours of hard work and some cash down the crapper very fast!

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