Using Google Alerts to Drive Long Term Targeted Traffic

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Aim of article: Using Google Alerts to send targeted traffic to your money site.

Cost: $0

Time: A few minutes a day.

What you will need: Gmail account, Something monetized (blog, video, ect…)


We touched on Google Alerts here, but in this article, we will go a few steps further. This is a money making method that involves using Google Alerts to comment on recently published blogs and leaving your URL for future readers to find. This is a very easy and free way to direct traffic to your money site. The only downside is that it is a slow process, but much of that will depend upon popularity of your niche.

Before we start this method, you will need a monetized destination page for the new traffic that you will be bringing in. Review sites work well but I like to use videos. If you don’t have either, throw up a free review blog on blogger. Once you make some conversions, you can reinvest that money into a .com site and/or scale up this method.

Now we can begin. First, sign into your Gmail account and go to Google Alerts. Once you are there, create a few feeds. Use keywords like the name of your product, the niche it is in, the name of any competing products and anything else that may be relevant. Add as many as you can think of. It doesn’t hurt to have too many, but having too few will slow your progress down.

For this example, we are going to use “Lebron James” and a few of his buddies.

Now we play the waiting game. Leave and in a few hours, you should start to find all kinds of pages related to your product.

Start clicking through them as they come in. We are looking for pages that allow us to leave comments. The key is to leave the first comment so that it will stay near the top of the comment thread and will be easily seen by others.


When you are leaving a comment, make sure to create a related and thoughtful message that applies to the content. Simply saying “Great site, man. Check out my site” is not going to cut it. Leaving your site sends up a red flag right away but if the admin can see that it will generate discussion, they will be more likely to leave it up.

This article says that Lebron James’ knee is okay and he will play tonight. I will say something like “I am glad is is okay. He played well after he tweaked his knee last night. You can read a recap of the game at“.

*Tip: Make sure to use the http:// to create the hyperlink

30 seconds later, we have a nice looking non-spammy comment that will likely stay attached to this article forever.


That’s it. with this method, you will get some traffic short term as the articles are published and long term as the articles rank. At this point, you will want to rinse and repeat. Find out what types of comments work and what don’t in your niche, increase your speed, add more keywords and scale up with more sites. This is also an easily outsourced method if you choose to go that route.


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