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If you use SENUKE X and follow this tip you will be saving yourself a lot of hard work that will result in garbage.  Yes, that is a bold claim but it is true and you would be wise to read this tip, understand it, and implement it in your SENUKE X campaigns.  If you don’t have SENUKE X then you should pick up a two week free trial of it by going here.

Now let’s get to this tip…  the most powerful module in SENUKE X in my opinion (and many other people’s too) is that Social Network article posting option.  This posts your article onto sites like WordPress.com, Tumblr, etc…   The way that the majority of people use SENUKE X is to go and create a spun article with their links in it and run the social network module and post their articles.  This is stupid.  This is moronic.  This is wasting your time.  And you are an idiot if you do this.

Why?  Because the first time you post an article on a new account the article will be reviewed, either by automated means or manual review on the social network site.  When they see 1.  a spun article and 2. links to your site …  well, you know what will happen, they will remove that article and ban your account.  And now you just wasted your time.  Don’t work harder, work smarter.  What you should do is for your first article, heck, maybe for your first five articles you should post a real article (no spun crap) and only link to an authority site like Google, or Facebook, or ESPN, or something that everyone would recognize as an authority site.  The reason we are doing this is because when your first post or two gets reviewed it will pass.  It will make your account on the social network site look like a real account with high quality content, not like trash trying to gain some backlinks.  After a week or two then slowly begin to post properly spun articles with links to your site.  Your success rate of them sticking will be significantly higher and your accounts will have much much longer lives.  In fact, the smartest thing you can do is start it off right like I mentioned, and then don’t post the next 50 articles with your affiliate links, mix it up between high quality articles linking to authority sites, and your spun articles linking to your own sites.  Don’t post 10 articles in one day, post one or two articles a day max.  Make it look like a real blog and not like a SENUKE X campaign and the results you get will be much stronger.

And there you have it.  It is a simple tip when you think about it, but I can’t tell you how many people don’t do this.  And a lot of the self proclaimed SENUKE X teachers out there will charge you and arm and a leg for one on one training and this is one of the tips that they will give you.  So there, you got it for free and now you’re on your way to working smarter!

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  1. Agreed.
    But to post 1 unspun article to say 30 SN new site, u need 30 diff. articles? And for first 3post, u need total 90 unique articles before u post ur link? that’s hard word i feel… did i miss anything?

     — Reply
    • James – you just need one article. You will post the same article to all the social network sites. This article you can take from a site like ezinearticles or just something you find yourself online. The goal of posting this first real article is to get your brand new account a little credibility. The first article you post from a new account is the most important because your first article has the highest chance of getting your account banned.

       — Reply
      • For it is recommended to post an unspun and not unique article first with links to authority sites, then after a few days use the same account and start posting spun content with your link?

         — Reply
        • Thomas – yes, I could see this strategy possibly working… it depends if you are posting a non-unique article if the sites you post on would recognize and accept an article that is not unique. For best results use a unique article.

           — Reply
          • I agree, using a non unique article would not work. It would be better to hand spin an article down to the paragraph level and make sure it is 100% readable. If not then all that would need to be done is copy part of the article and past it into google to know if its unique. This article is a very good example of what not to do. “This article you can take from a site like ezinearticles or just something you find yourself online”