Scrape Email lists with ScrapeBox part 2

Yesterday, we showed you how to scrape or generate the URLs of all the threads in the forum. In this article, we will explain how to use URLs to extract targeted e-mails. We mentioned this in the last article but would like to remind you again that you should familiarize yourself with the ICANN walls before diving into email marketing. Anyway, let’s get to it.

Going forward, you’re going to be using a lot of bandwidth, however, we are not scraping Google so we do not necessarily need proxies. You would like, can use either proxies, but they are not necessary here.

Go into your settings and adjust the timeout settings of your e-mail harvester to 90. This will ensure that you get many e-mails as you possibly can through the first round. Alternatively, you can set the timeout settings lower and make multiple runs through your URL list. Either way is fine, we just want to ensure that we are thoroughly checked our URL list so that we do not miss any emails.

You may also want to change the maximum amount of e-mail grabber threads allowed on the e-mail grabber. This will depend on your connection speed. If you have a fast connection, you can get away with acting out the connections to 100. If you have a slower connection, we are going to be using your bandwidth while Scrapebox does this thing, you should lower the settings. This is going to take a while so it may be a good idea to bring the settings down to 20 or so and let it run overnight.

But the URLs into the harvester and on the right you you’ll see a path that says grab. Click grab e-mails from the harvested URL list and let it run. Scrapboxs will scan each page for email addresses and when it finished, it will load the list and window for you. Make sure you do not stop this process halfway because there’s no way to easily tell which pages were scraped and which were not.

Once you have the email list, save it to your notepad and you are ready.

A couple notes:

*If you’re happy with the results, it  may be a good idea to rescrape the URL list a second time. If you do this, load both lists into the harvester and use the remove duplicates function.

*It may be worth the effort to get rid of the domain emails. Admins and such can report you and cause some trouble so avoid them. To do this, open your list in notepad and use the find/replace function to edit out and keywords which would be used in an unwanted email.

For example:

For our “” list, we can replace “” with nothing. That will change all of the “” to just “Bobtheadmin”. When you go to send your emails, “Bobtheadmin” will show as invalid and will not be sent while will receive the email.

That wraps it up for our email scraping. If you find success, you can scrape emails from other forums using this method as well.  When you are scraping these lists, understand the ICANN laws and be very careful!

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