Offline Method: Online Reputation Management pt. 1

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In internet marketing sites and methods, offline strategies are often ignored. Often, the best methods are those that combine both online and offline methods. This can work out great because so few people are bringing together both the offline and online worlds into a single business. This is what we are going to do in this method. We will find a way to combine our online and offline marketing skills and tools to create a successful business. Follow along as we go and you will be able to mimic this method and do it on your own.

To start, let’s pick a niche that we have interest working with. Let’s go with Restaurants for this article. We will choose restaurants because they are heavily dependent upon reviews and customer satisfaction. This creates a natural demand for reputation management. There we have it. We will be working offline with restaurants and offering reputation management online for those companies.

Make a site. You are not making sales or conversions through this site, you are just going to use it as a tool to win the sale. We don’t need the website but you don’t want to be offering an online service if you don’t even have a site of your own. Make it nice and clean. Simple and to the point. “We are a online reputation management company that specialized in local restaurants”


Yes. Since we will be working offline, we are giving up the advantage that the internet gives us which is the ability to interact with anyone in the world instantly.

Ok, local where?

Anywhere but preferably your immediate area. This will help you in two ways. For one, it will cut down on your travel time. You will likely have to meet with these restaurants before they will enter in to a contract with you and your service. The other way it will help you is by creating trust. Businesses will be more likely to trust you if the know that you live in their area. You can even go eat at their restaurant to really understand what issues they may be facing as far as reputation management goes.

Now it is time for the sales letters. This is the most important part of the method. It is also the offline portion of the method. This is how you will be generating business for your new company. First, gather together a list of all the restaurants in your local area. Start with around 100. That should be enough to find a sale or three with your first attempt here.

We are going to pause here and pick up with this method tomorrow. In the next article, I will show you what to include in your sales letter and how to pitch it to them. We will also go over what to offer for your service.

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