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Amazon Affiliates is one of the premier pay per sale affiliate programs. There are limitless methods of starting a successful Amazon store. However, likewise to any online venture you will only be successful if you if “take action” as soon as possible. This is why it’s important to keep it simple and find one method that converts well and then proceed to replicate this method and scale up your earnings.


Due to Amazon’s cookie-based compensation you can be compensated for items that are not related to what your website is promoting. For example, consumer a may read an Amazon affiliate’s comparison reviews on digital cameras and decide to purchase one through his site. However, consumer is skeptical of new technology and thus doesn’t see any value in the information on the website. Nonetheless, he regularly buys books on Amazon. Since a cookie is stored on his computer the affiliate will be given a commission for the purchase that consumer makes through the main Amazon website. This is why it’s important to approach the Amazon affiliate program as a numbers game. Regardless of the quality of your content, you can earn a substantial income by tapping into the existing buyers market.


Affiliates of Amazon have the advantage of promoting a brand that already has a high reputation. To reiterate an earlier point you don’t need any writing or sales skills to make six figures a year in Amazon. The key is to know how to effectively scale up your affiliate advertising campaign. One effective method is to use targeted advertising with Yahoo answers. Start by creating several (or preferably a dozen) Yahoo answers accounts on separate IP addresses. Make sure to double check and ensure that all cookies and browsing history has been deleted between sessions. CCleaner is a free application that’s ideal for deleting this information. You will need to spend a week or so answering questions to achieve level 2 status for your accounts. Since this is tedious and time-consuming work it’s a good idea to invest in purchasing level 2 yahoo answers accounts from a dedicated provider.


Once you have access to level 2 Yahoo answers accounts you can start posting links to your Amazon website. However, be cautious and ensure that your answers don’t look spammy or overly biased. This will raise red flags and often leads to account banning without warning from Yahoo administrators. Ultimately you need to mimic an actual consumer’s review without giving a sales pitch. Point out the pain and frusteration you experienced before trying the product and then give a quick summery of the positives and negatives. For example “While I’ve always been skeptical of natural remedies I love xxx because I don’t experience side effects like itchy skin, flushing and dizziness that I got with yyy. While xxx may not give as drastic results as yyy, it helped me lose 14 pounds in a month without exercise [insert website link here” One awesome trick you can use is answering your own question with 2 of your accounts. This way your answer is obviously guaranteed to be selected as the best! Moreover, if you put a decent amount of effort into adding realism to the answer it likely won’t be flagged for spam and will remain in the search results for years to come. It would be no surprise if just one of your questions generated thousands of dollars of targeted traffic for years to come.


Many new affiliates question the purpose of promoting a landing page or website as opposed to a simple redirect to their affiliate link. The truth is many people are immediately skeptical of redirect links and don’t click them. Moreover, consumers can relate more easily to your own review page than the Amazon store itself. While it’s true that you can make a lot of money promoting a redirected affiliate link you will miss out on a lot of traffic that would otherwise return to your site to read more reviews. This is truly a wonderful system to gain passive income.

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