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I’ve gotten some questions via the mailbag (if you want to ask a question click the link at the top of the site “Submit to Mailbag” and ask away).  I’ll answer most anything.  Getting right to it…


What is the most amount of money you’ve made online with IM in one day?  In one month?

I don’t have exact totals because I’m a rounder because there’s no point in getting caught up in the pennies.  My best day online I pulled in around $15k of profit.  My best month was right near $40k of profit.


How much does this blog make you?

Ahhh, I see a theme, the popular ‘how much money…’ questions that everyone likes to ask.  This blog makes me basically nothing at this point and I’m more than OK with that.  Sure, I’d love it to pull in tons of money for me, but writing a post here and there is a break for me to relax and do something fun when my mind goes into a cloudy haze from working too long and hard straight through.  Now I do hope to get some benefits in the long run out of this blog.  If it can make $500-$1,000/month I’d be happy and use that money to go out to a nice dinner every weekend.  But what I’m really hoping to do is connect with people, not only share things I have learned but also to learn some new stuff myself from people that visit Anticareer.  One goal I have over the next year is to launch at least two products.  No idea yet what they will be, haven’t even started thinking about it, but I’m hoping through Anticareer I’ll be able to also have an audience that may be interested in being affiliates of the products whenever they may launch.  And I’m done going off track, next.


What is a niche or trend that you think will be popular in the future that I should start working on now?

Yikes, if I was only that brilliant to identify everything before the curve.  I would say apps but I think that is already kinda on (don’t you think).  I think people are going to tire of the social network scene somewhat, but the question is what will they turn to?  Think about human nature and you might be able to come up with a few plausible ideas yourself…  humans (for the most part) are lazy, are concerned with their health, want to make money with minimal work, love to be entertained, and are always interested in sex.  Think of a new direction that magnifies one of these topics and you’ll have a winner.  I think one industry that is going to take off is the space cruise / space tours / space travel industry.  But that may take 2 years or 10 years.


Is it still worth working on SEO or is Google killing it?

I hear you on this one, it can be frustrating.  One day there is one path you should take to succeed and next day Google wants to change course and now you need to shift your focus.  It is a pain in the ass and what I think is that these changes are going to shake out the weak hands and the people who work hard and do SEO the quality way will get rewarded.  It is a full time job to do SEO properly and if you are looking for a future career or niche I think becoming a top notch SEO company is going to be even more desirable in the future.  You have to know how to do proper backlinking on proper sites, how to do social signals, how to shift your onsite SEO to the blowing winds from Google that day, etc…


What is the best thing you’ve done in your IM career?

The best thing I’ve done is not quit because back when I started I had two years of negative results (lost money and lost a LOT of my time).  It would have been easy to quit and probably most people would have quit.  But I didn’t quit and pushed through, I learned, grew, and eventually found success.  When I was going through my two years of pain I kept thinking of a saying that goes “When you’re at the bottom the only place to go is up” and that saying really helped me keep at it.  If you dedicate yourself and make a strong effort you increase your chances of finding success tenfold.


What have you bought with your money that you made online?

You guys really need motivation with all this money talk, huh?  So what have I bought…  I don’t throw money around, whether I had $1 or $1 Billion it’s just not me so I’m not going to have the flashy things that you’d probably like to hear about.  I bought a house and put down a very big chunk as a down payment.  It’s a nice house in the suburbs that I would not have been able to afford if not for IM.  I bought a car, Chevy HHR, which was actually relatively cheap for a new car and gets good gas mileage.  It’s a nice car, I like it, but not the type of car you’re going to pick up chicks along the beach in.  My good lucks do that on their own!   I have my computers (Dell), monitors (23 inch LCDs), Ipad, and laptop (Dell).  And the one splurge I do have is TVs.  I love watching movies.  I have a 73 inch DLP 3D Mitsubishi TV that I love watching movies on and playing my favorite 3 series of games for PS3 (Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, and God of War).  And I got two 50 inch plasma (one for the master bedroom and one for the basement).  Do I need 3 TVs?  No, so that is the biggest splurge I’d say I’ve bought.


How can I get started and start making money in a month?

Is it possible to come online, start from scratch, and make money in your first month?  Yes.  Is it likely?  No.  Before you jump into something I’d recommend you read a ton of stuff, find a method that interests you, and stick to that method until you see success from it.  If you’re coming online and after a month you’re going to give up if you don’t make any money than internet marketing isn’t really for you.


What tools do you recommend using?  What is your favorite tool?

I actually have not done a post yet on my favorite tool which is Scrapebox.  It is by far the best bang for your buck that you’ll get and it can do many different things.  I’ll actually have to write a post about this because I think most people who use Scrapebox don’t use it to its full potential.  What other tools have I used?  SENUKE, Market Samuri, The Best Spinner, Ranktracker, Dreamweaver, DomainInspect, Dragon Naturally Speaking.  That’s what I can think of now off the top of my head.  They all do different things and they all have value so it really depends on what you are trying to focus on accomplishing.  I would have no problem recommending any of these tools as they all do a good job at what they’re supposed to do.  And I’ll take one more question from the audience…


What is the easiest way you’ve made money online?

Everybody wants easy… but I’ll humor you.  The easiest money I’ve made online is flipping domain names.  You can literally put in 5 minutes of work and get a $X,XXX profit and lots of guys are doing this.  BUT… (big but), this is not the norm.  You will need some investment capital, knowledge about what prices are good buying prices and what you can realistically sell a domain for, a little luck sometimes, and patience because you may sit on a domain for a week, or a month, a year, or even longer.


That’s all for tonight folks.  Thanks to everyone who submitted a question to the mailbag, I’m looking at the length of my answers and I can see they are not the most in-depth things under the sun, but I hope I was able to give you a little insight into what you were asking about.  Again, if you have any questions send them over to me.  If I get enough questions I’d have no problem doing a mailbag response post once a week if the volume of questions is there.  And if you’re interested I’m sending out a newsletter once or twice a month where I give some tips or a method or a valuable niche that I’m not posting on my site and maybe a story or two, you just need to sign up in that little box above this article.  Until next time…

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  1. After visiting the site I was pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn’t an infomercial in sheep’s clothing.

    I have a few “niche” sites I’m working on right now, but I’ve noticed that most of the “earning” sites I found are sites on how to make money online. I was a little relieved though when you said you make next to nothing on this site and it’s just an additional project for you. I am hoping your other niches that actually earn you income are non SEO/IM related niches? If the only real way to make money online is giving away tips on how to make money online that would be really disappointing.

    Also, for the sites of yours that earn, is the income stable enough to subsidize a Mercedes payment?

    And on your CPC sites, how much money do you think you earn for each unique visitor?

     — Reply
    • Adam – yes, this site makes next to nothing for me compared to my other sites. My other sites’ income would allow me to buy Mercedes in cash. Everyone should start out small, so if your goal is to buy a Mercedes and make enough to cover the monthly payment that is a good goal to have. Once you learn and grow your sites you won’t need to make monthly payments on things as you can buy them outright. CPC is different for each niche. In the entertainment niche you may only get $0.10 per click. In the Auto Insurance niche you may get $1.50-$3.00 per click. If you can earn a few cents per unique visitor you are doing great (as long as you can drive that volume of traffic).

       — Reply