How to Make your own Blog Network

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After the Panda and Penguin updates by Google, having high quality tier 1 links is more important than ever. Many IM’ers are turning to hand made and high quality web 2.0’s for their tier 1 links. Basically, giving Google what it expects to see from a natural backlink profile, but in a unnatural way.

In this article, we will talk about how to create a safe and effective blog network that you can use for your first tier of backlinks to your money site.

Hand make them

The main thing you will want to do is make them look natural. Make them by hand, add some personality to each one, change the background etc… Mimic what a natural blog would look like.

Do not interlink them

This is how blog networks go down. If Google spots one of these sites and sees all of the other blogs which it links to, Google can devalue or de-index your entire network at once. Don’t interlink each web 2.0 so this does not happen to you.

No footprints

Do not leave any way for someone to trace one blog to another. Use different names, different domains, different emails, different everything. If you have as little as one common word or phrase on each blog, that information can be used to uncover your network.

Don’t tell or sell to anyone

Keep this network to yourself. If you sell it to anyone, you run the risk of your network being discovered.

Linking to your site

Of course, send backlinks to your site(s), that is the entire point of this network. When you do, though, keep the links to under 30%. Vary the anchor text and links to your home page and inner pages as well. This keeps everything natural.

Add link-less posts

Not every post will have a link on a normal blog. Mimic this for your blogs as well. Add some well spun content to your blogs and leave them link-less. Google won’t suspect a thing.

Link to others within your niche

Link to other sites so it looks natural but don’t link to your competitors. Normally, it is a good idea to link to authority sites that you are not planning to out rank within your niche. If my niche is “1980’s Chicago WhiteSox players”, it is fine to link out to the authority sites and

Add stupid posts

Any blogger is going to have worthless posts from time to time. Add a 50 word “be back in a week post” or go off topic once in a while. Again, for the sake of creating a natural looking blog.

5 articles and then 1 per month

To begin, add 5 well written posts with 2-3 pointing to your site. After the first month, add at least 1 per 30 days so Google knows the blog is still active. This will help with the authority of each blog down the road.

Build backlinks

Build good links to these web 2.0 sites. Since you will be doing all of this manually, you will not be able to count on a volume of backlinks. We are aiming for quality, not quantity. So treat your tier 1 blogs with care. Make a strong linking structure that backs them up and raises their PR. You can even go as far as to make new web 2.0’s to backlink them (don’t forget, no interlinking). Since we are on tier 2 now, it is okay to use well spun and readable articles on these 2nd tier properties.


There you have it. The main points are to build them manually, leave no footprints, use quality content and build good backlinks to them.

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