How to Make Easy Passive Income with Other People’s Signature Space in Forums

Passive income is the best type of income around.  It is the income you can make while you sleep, while you pee, while you’re eating a sandwich while sitting on the sand at the beach.  The way to get to passive income is a two step approach, first you must come up with a clever method and second you must implement the method.  That is it.  If it is truly passive then you can sit back and watch your commissions come rolling in.

Because passive income rocks so hard it is also a challenge to come up with great methods to earn it.  Here is one method that pretty much cannot get saturated and has made myself (and plenty of other people) killer passive income.  The concept: rent or trade to use someone’s signature space in a forum.  That’s it, sounds simple, can be simple, can earn you cold hard cash in your hands, or could lead to a lot of frustration and no rewards.  Let’s dig in a bit further.

First, you need to do some research.  You can’t find random forums and get the signature space of random people.  Whatever product or service you are going to promote you need to find a relevant forum.  If you’re going to promote SEO software than you need to find internet marketing forums, SEO forums, etc…  And once you have found the forums you need to find the right people whose signature space you are going to buy/rent.  You want to use someone who has a ton of posts because their signature will be updated in all their posts.  If there is a very popular thread that is sticky’d than see who the first post belongs to because that post is getting a ton of visibility.  I’m not going to give away all my little tricks, but these two tips will give you a good head start.

Second, you need to offer them something.  You can offer then cash, but this can add up quickly if you’re going big into this method.  You could offer them a product or service (i.e.  a free ebook, or a few hundred backlinks a month).  Here’s something that smart people do.  Offer then something you can find on  I’ve offered people link pyramids where they get over 10,000 first and second tiers links in total and I get their signature space for a month.  My cost is $5.  If I make one sale in that month through their signature space I already quadrupled my investment there. Tons of ways to minimize your cost here, be creative.

Third, track track track.  If you can track each signature space link/banner then do it.  Some forums you will find are a bust with this method, the members there do not buy anything or don’t click on signature banners or links.  Some forum members are a bust, if a member is not respected in a forum it is less likely anyone will click on their signature banner.  So track what’s going on and find out what forums work well, and what members work well.  When you find a member who is working well you could offer then some added incentive to maybe start a new thread to “discuss” whatever the product or service you are promoting is.  Basically they will be building it up and making it sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread and this will generate clicks on their signature space.

Fourth, branch out.  Once you start pulling in some cash don’t be idle.  Get out there and attack new niches.  Expand your current niche to more forums.  Think about the possibilities.  If you can get out to 500 signature spaces, and on average you will get 1 sale per day for every 20 signature spaces, and you earn a $20 commission per sale, you will be banking $500 a day in revenue.  If you’re conversion rate is 1 in every 10 signature spaces per day you’re looking at a fat grand in your hand per day.

This method will take a little time to build up and test.  If you’re looking for a quick buck in a week then avoid this method.  But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort into this method, after 2-3 months it is realistic that you are pulling in at least $XXX per day.

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  1. I was able to get 3 people at a forum I belong to to give me there signature space for backlinks and I spent 15 and after the first month I made 200. So I got profit of 185. This is easy to do but I needed to convince them to do it but it worked out great so it was worth it.

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