How to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings – Relational Product Conversions

There are tons of people out there (like you maybe!) that promote products through the Amazon Associates program.  And those people (probably you if you’re reading this) are always trying to find new ways or better ways to make more commissions… am I right?  And there’s a lot of ways to do that.  Create more websites, focused on high end products, promote your sites to the target market, etc…   I could go on and on and on but I probably only have your attention for 2 or 3 minutes so let me cut to the chase.  Here’s a slick way for you to bump up those earnings and I bet a fair number of you people out there in cyberspace never thought of it.  What am I talking about?  Relational product conversions.  HUH?  Ok, let me explain.

There’s a ton of products on that sell in high quantity.  Cheap little do-dads and knick knacks.  You probably stay away from promoting them because if it cost a buck or two then your commission is a few pennies.  Products like USB cables, plugs, batteries, pencils, etc…  Instead you want to promote the big ticket items because you get a nice commission per sale.  Let me tell you a rule of thumb, people are less likely to buy the big ticket items.  It is harder to get conversions on big ticket items.  Why is that?  Think if someone is going to drop a grand on a log splitter.  They click on your site’s link and they read all about it.  How likely is someone to make that purchase right then and there?  Not likely.  They’ll want to price compare, read reviews, maybe check out the product in person at a store.  By the time they are ready to buy it the 24 hour cookie from Amazon has probably expired.  So your conversion rate is low.

Are you following me?

Now, if someone clicks on your link for a knick knack that costs a buck what are the odds they’ll buy it right then and there?  It’s a buck right?  Not a big purchase, no need to spend time thinking about it.  Your conversion rates will be much higher on lower priced items.  That’s a fact.  But like I mentioned, you earn a small crap commission for that little knick knack so who cares.

One more thing to understand which you may already know.  If someone clicks on your affiliate link and places an order with 10 products in the order you will earn the commission on that entire order.

I have given you all the raw data and facts and it has come to the time where we (and when I say we I mean I) put it all together.

What if you could promote a little rinky dinky knick knack that costs a buck or two that will convert highly, which will require the person to purchase a higher priced item along with it.  I call it relational product conversions.  I am probably not the first guy to do this, but you know what I never (and I mean NEVER) have heard or read about anyone else doing this so this is a nice little rare tip for you today.  Let’s talk about an example so everyone is on the same page.

Now in this example I’m not going to give you what I’m promoting because I’m a nice guy but I’m not that nice, but to illustrate the point here we go.  Let’s say a pack of mechanical pencils costs $3.  People who buy that product are maybe 25% likely to purchase the refill pack which costs $5 when they purchase the mechanical pencils.  Do you see what I’m driving at?  Now, find a product that costs a few bucks, but has a significant relational product conversion for a more expensive item.  You promote the little cheap item, but 25% of the people who order it are going to add the higher priced add-on, or spare part, or whatever with it.

The result?  You can promote little inexpensive items that sell in high volume and have great conversion rates AND on a lot of the orders you’ll get that nice big bump from people buying the relational product that goes along with the little item.

You have the concept now.  That is half the battle.  The other half is doing a lot of research to find out products that this concept can be applied to.  Therein lies some good earnings for you.  So if you were looking for a way to bump up those Amazon affiliate earnings you now have a path to get there.  Now get out there and earn those dollars!

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