How to Create and Profit from Becoming a Local Authority

This is a twist on a well known but underutilized method. Basically, you premake a site that is relevant to a local business niche, fancy it up and use that to create a respected authority location niche website. Don’t worry, we will explain all of this below. If you are new to the IM game, keep in mind that this is an advanced strategy. It is going to be a lot of work and you are going to have to step outside of your comfort zone but in the end, you will have a strong and infinitely expandable business on your hands.

First, we are going to buy a domain in the format “”. Now open a wordpad or take some money and head over to an article site and get 10-20 articles written on popular topics within that niche. How to find a good chiropractor, do I need a chiropractor etc… Do some keyword research and find some searched for keywords that will be easy to rank for. That last part isn’t part of the method, the keyword research, but it will help you with topics and will give you some added exposure.

While you are waiting for the articles to come in, find a professional looking wordpress template that works well within your niche. Pick a good theme scheme and design it so that it will look appealing and legitimate to potential clients. Install the theme and start adding the articles at 1-2 per day. Also add some home site content. About us, FAQ, privacy policy etc… Again, you want this to look as professional as possible. Look at similar sites if you are lost for ideas.

Now this is where the twist comes in. We are going to put in fake author details in these articles. For example, at the end of the article, write “”article written by Dr. Melvin Ingram, chiropractor specialist. Dr. Ingram specializes in chiropractor stuff and cool things like that”.

Get the idea? Maybe even add a legitimate looking photo and contact information next to the author box. Yes, if someone does any research, they may be able to discover that the person is a fake, but there is a low likely hood that that would happen and even if it does, you will only loose 1 potential client. That is not something that you should concern yourself with.

Make different authors for each article. The idea is to make your site look like it is a popular chiropractor local authority site. You will want to make it look like your site already has a number of professionals contributing already.

Once everything is ready and posted, start contacting chiropractors in the area that is in your domain name. Start small, go town to town and work your way through the state. Stay organized so you know who you have covered and who you have not. You don’t want to accidentally spam a business because online complaints could potentially destroy the potential of your site.

Plan out your geographic email campaign and in the next article, we will talk about what to talk about in that email and how we will be monetizing this method.

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