How to Create and Profit from Becoming a Local Authority part 2

In the last article, we began a method which would allow you to become a local authority in any small business niche that you are interested in. When we left off, we had our site and content complete with fake authorship ready to go. Once you get caught up to that point, we are going to begin contacting local chiropractors and getting them to start contributing to our site.

Create a map of all of the chiropractors in your area and begin contacting them. We are going to contact them in 3 ways. By email, by snail mail and by phone. We are going to send the snail mail and wait for them to contact us. This is attempt 1. Come up with a good copy and try to make it memorable. If they do not contact us, we are going to the next step which is email and phone.

We are going to wait until they open the email and attempt to contact them right away. There are a few ways to do this and it deserves it’s own article as it has many uses so I will show you how to do this tomorrow. Once you see that they have opened the email, give the business a call. This way they can connect your email offer directly to a real service and it will increase the likely hood that they decide to contribute to your site.

Remember, if the business passes your offer over, we are not going to make another attempt. Our site is posing as an authority, not a new site that is desperate for help. In your email and phone call, explain to them that you have a successful authority site on chiropractors in the state of _____ and are “allowing them the opportunity” to contribute to your site in exchange for listing them as an author on the article.

Once you get the article, fancy it up. Add relevant images and videos when possible. Remember, this is extremely valuable content that you are getting for free, which would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars so do your best to maximize its appeal. Add some comments below the article as well. This will keep the doctors happy with the final result of their time. Make the comments positive and real looking. Fake looking comments will halt your progress.

Send the published page back to them and ask them to share it through any web presence that they have access to. You are actually getting them to drive traffic to your site.

If they are happy with the final result, ask them to contribute more to their site. Don’t beg, say “hey, we liked your article. We will let you contribute as a returning author”.

After that, just continue to repeat this method with each business and expand geographically. After a half year or so, you should be the proud owner of the best chiropractor authority site in your state. You will have hundreds of elite quality articles and a great targeted source of traffic. There are plenty of ways in which you can monetize your site at this point. You can rent ad space to the chiropractors that contribute to your blog, charge for feature article spots and anything else that you can think of.

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