How Early Movers Make Fast Cash – Pinterest Example

If you are an early mover you have the ability to make some fast cash (as long as you have a good head on your shoulders) before a new site adapts.  I’ll talk a little about the latest place where a lot of guys have made some fast, easy, significant cash and that is  I have not monetized Pinterest, I have not used Pinterest, but I have read a lot and talked to a lot of people who have.  In retrospect I probably should have gotten the method down pat and then outsourced it but I’m pretty busy working on a few whitehat projects so I didn’t jump on this boat.  When a site is brand new they are in a major learning stage.  The first thing that they usually want to ensure is that the site is working properly for people and if the site is growing they want to ensure they are able to meet that growth.  Their focus initially is not on stopping people from monetizing their site.

Pinterest is the latest social network that focuses on using graphics as its main differentiator over other social networks.  You can “pin” pictures from other sites onto your board which is shared with others.  The way that a lot of people began to monetize Pinterest was to pin items that are for sale on sites like and then put a link to that item using their affiliate code.  You know the story, people click the link, they buy the product, you get the commission.  Pinterest didn’t think about people doing this up front (or at least they didn’t defend against it).  So quite a few people have been able to expose this and cash in nicely (I’ve heard to the tune of mid-five figures).  As with anything, things change, Pinterest caught on and began removing the affiliate tags from Amazon links on their site.  You could get around this by using a redirect (i.e.  you link to your site which will forward to the Amazon product page under your affiliate tag).  And there are other multiple ways to get around this that you experienced IMers can figure out if you think about it for 15 minutes.

The point of the article is that if you are happy to make some quick cash that may not be sustainable but may fill your pocket today you should always be checking out the hot new sites and seeing which ones are prime for you to monetize.  Being one of the first IM guys on a site and monetizing it can lead to some very nice cash in your affiliate account and once the site starts to catch on you can start to look for the next new site that just hasn’t learned yet.

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