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In this article, we are going to continue on with Twitter as we did in the last article “Creating buzz with twtter”. In that article, we talked about how to and the importance of using Twitter to expand your business and follower base. If used correctly, Twitter is a powerful tool. We already went over how to involve your audience by asking questions, asking for opinions and retweeting. That is not the end of that, however. Below, we will give you a few more ways in which you can involve your audience and expand your customer base.

Start an Original Hashtag

This is a little tough to do. It is easy to make a new hashtag, but the challenging this is getting others to use it. First. let’s explore how to come up with a good hashtag. To come up with a good hashtag, you don’t have to be the funniest or most creative person in the world. You only have to be original. If you can’t come up with anything clever enough, you can always piggyback on an unused hashtag that you think both fits your business or site and has potential to catch on.

I will give you an example… #mighthappen

#mighthappen? well, it is not the best but if you can think of a creative way to turn that into a topic of interest, it could pay off big time.

Get this tweet going: Lebron blows game 7 with a missed dunk at the buzzer #mighthappen

Ok, well you are going to have to do better than that but you get the idea, right? Hashtags can be a great long term tool to generate buzz about your business. If they catch on, that you are in great shape. Try a few out. It’s free and it won’t hurt to give it a go.

Answer Questions

In the last article, we told you how asking questions can encourage activity with your users. Well, now we are going to jump to the other side of that coin and answer questions. Answering questions on Twitter is a great way to say “hey, nice to meet you. I’m, _____”. Because you answered their question, they are going to look at you in a positive light to begin with. So already, you are starting off on the right foot.

Answering just any questions won’t help all that much. You should narrow in on your audience and focus on niche specific people and topics. For example, if you are in the swing set niche, answer questions about parenting advice, swing sets, jungle gyms etc…

This will also serve to present you as an expert within your niche. People that are interested in said topic will follow you for advice and information.

Follow this and our other advice to increase your Twitter followers and in the end, make more money. Answering questions and creating hashtags are great ways to improve your presence and experience on Twitter.

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