Content Locking and When to Use Them

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What is a content locker?

A content locker is a script that you can use on your web page that will prevent or “lock” them from viewing or interacting with the page. Normally, you will lock the page and require the visitor to preform an action before they can gain access to the page.

The Bad

Let’s get the bad out of the way first. After, we will go over some of the uses of a content locker but to start, you should be aware of the drawbacks.

People will not want to get locked out of the site for obvious reasons. Activating a content locker may make the visitor leave your site or even leave with a bad impression. It is generally not a good idea to use it on a adsense site, if you are trying to become an authority in your niche or if you are trying to build a brand. They are not good if you are looking to build your monthly visitors or if you have spend time and money in the SERPs. If you are involved with any of that, stay away from content locking.

The Good

Now that we have the bad out of the way, we can talk about the good uses for a content locker. They are best used for quick money making methods. Because of the bad taste they can leave in the visitors mouth, you are not likely to see returning visitors. This will prevent you from expending your visitor base. Content lockers are great to use if you give the visitor an incentive.

Downloads, for example are great. The visitor arrives at your page because they are looking to download something but before they do, they will have to preform an action to “unlock” the page. They will be more likely to follow the locker because you have what they want underneath it.

Content lockers are also good to use for creating email lists. If you have an active visitor base, you may want to consider using a content locker to build your email list. Give them some incentive to leave their email. Either a free gift, a service or access to the “top secret” page.

Content locking can also help a lot with social marketing. Did you ever see those “OMG I can’t believe Miley Cyrus did that!” posts on Facebook? Use an intriguing image and content lock the link that it takes them to. Make them fill out the CPA and once they do, they will be directed to the image or video that they were trying to get to in the first place. Another way to use content locking to help with social media is by requiring the visitor to “like” or “share” before they are given access to the desired page. This will help you expand vitally if your content is good enough.

Content locking can bring in a lot of money if used properly. If you are thinking about using a content locker, put your self in he place of your visitor and decide weather or not the risk of loosing potential customers is worth the gain of increasing your CPA leads.

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