Buying Aged Domains with Pagerank Helps Speed Up Your Climb in the SERPS

If you can buy a domain with pagerank on the cheap and it has your keyword in it but instead you are buying a brand new domain you sir are an idiot!  There are tens of thousands of domains that are expiring each day and nowadays you can buy most of them in the secondary market before their domain age resets and before their Pagerank resets.  Let me explain that a bit if you’re not familiar.  Someone buys a domain in 1998.  They don’t renew it this year and it is going to expire.  When it officially expires and is deleted the age on the domain will begin when a new person buys it, so instead of having a domain aged 14 years you have a domain aged 0 years.  Domain age does matter to Google.  Older domains get more trust in the Google algorithm.

Now getting to Pagerank, if that domain from 1998 had a Pagerank of 4 (PR4) and you are able to buy that domain before it completely deletes from the registry you will be able to get a 14 year old domain that has a PR4.  If that domain deleted from the registry, the next time Google’s spiders crawl that URL and see it is not registered that Pagerank will get reset back down to zero.  But if you can catch that domain before it resets than that is very valuable.  In this example, depending on the domain name and what the keyword is I would estimate in general this domain would be worth $500-$1,000.

You can manually learn the business of how to catch expiring domain names with Pagerank, hell some guys do it for a living, but it is pretty long hours and can be very boring.  One theme you’ll see on my blog is that I think if you can automate something for a few bucks then it is a no brainer.  My time is valuable and if a tool can save me even 30 minutes every day that is 15 hours per month.  If you’re going to get into this business and try to grab some expiring domains work smarter, not harder, and you can pick up the Pagerank PowerShot software for under $30.  You can check out all it’s features here and below is a video that shows you it in action in case you need to visualize seeing this bad boy in action.


Now besides having resale value, I love buying expired domains that have age and Pagerank because it helps me speed up getting my site at the top of the SERPs.  I’ve done it time and time again and if anyone is telling you that a brand new domain is just as easy/hard to rank as a domain that is aged they are a jackazz.  I purchased when it was expiring.  It is a 17 year old domain and had some backlinks already established and had some Pagerank, so I’m not blowing smoke up your tailpipe, I practice what I preach.  If you pick up any old domains with Pagerank and they contain a good keyword contact me and I may be interested in buying it from you if you’re looking to do a quick flip on the domain (but if you are asking a ridiculous price I may have to slap you upside the head before I chew you out).

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