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A few days ago we talked about some good backlinks and strategies on new sites. Using social links such as bookmarks, tweets and web 2.0’s are great for new sites. Link wheels are are good if used correctly. Now that we know what we should do on new sites, it is time to talk about what we shouldn’t do as far as backlinking strategies on new sites go.

The first thing that you should avoid is to not make too many backlinks right off the bat. This is unnatural and will set off alarms in Google’s algorithms. If you do this, you are likely to incur a penalty or penalties on your site. As we know, it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to undo poor backlink creation. Stay away from these potential penalties and keep your backlink creation low in the beginning.

Here is a tip: When you are creating backlinks, do not ping them until much later. This will allow Google to pick up those backlinks more naturally. After a few months, you can ping them to make sure they are picked up and credited to your site.

You should also stay away from very high quality links. A few are okay, but any more than that and you will raise suspicion. The thinking is that lower quality sites are much more likely to pick up new and hot stories and site where high quality sites will be more selective. Therefore, having a lot of extremely high quality backlinks without the lower quality ones will set off some red flags. This is magnified on backlinks with a low amount of outbound links. Sites that have a low amount of outbound links are not picking up other sites to the extend that others are. When there are many sites with low outbound links relative to the total amount of links, Google could potentially penalize this.

Another thing that you should avoid is having a huge pyramid linking to your site. We touched on this in the last article if you recall. One of the things that Google’s latest update was designed to target were large pyramids. Basically, if you have a mass similar linking structure, Google can sometimes pick up on that. Varying your tier 2 and tier 3 links will keep your site safe in this regard.

10K blog comment packages are another big no-no. That was the thing to do 5 years ago but because so many backlink creates overused this method, Google now penalizes these links heavily. They are okay to use for your tier 3 links or later, but nothing higher than that. This also applies

When you are working on a linking structure, the two main things that you want to avoid are creating too many backlinks and too many similar backlinks. This train of thought has been around for a while but it wasn’t until recently that it applies to lower tiers as well. Google can now pick up on similar tier structures (to a degree, they are still new at this in particular).

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