Adwords+Clickbank method pt. 1

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This method involves selling Clickbank products with Ad words  You will need some money to start this, but not very much money will be needed. You can start with as little as $5 but it is recommended that you have $20-$50 to invest. We will tell you how to do this method and in the end, you will be able to start in a few days. Now it is time to get started!

First, you are going to want to grab your investment money and head on over to Look for Ad words coupons there. You should see plenty of choices. Pick one that offered Ad words vouchers and has good reviews. You will find gigs that offer as much as 9x$75 or 6x$100 worth of vouchers for $5. That is almost robbery! Ideally, you will want to use an express gig so that you can start within the day. Spend your money and buy a few of these gigs. If you don’t feel comfortable spending everything at once, you can start with $5-$10 and buy more as you go.

Once you have your vouchers, you will have to activate them. To activate them, you need two things: a new Gmail account and a US private proxy. You will be able to find proxies on Fiverr. To activate your vouchers, first create a Gmail account with the proxy. When you create the account, make sure to choose “USA” for everything. That includes the country, money and time zone.

As soon as you create the account, make your way to “billing preferences” and change that to “USA” as well. Fill in the rest of the details with fake information. Note, you don’t want to repeat any information with any of these accounts.

Change your payment method to “manual”. Manual payments will allow you to avoid having to enter any additional financial information. Next, click the link that lets you enter a promo code which is located towards the bottom of the page. Accept and agree and then you should see your voucher credited to your account. Repeat this process with a new account for each voucher. Make sure you are using a new proxy each time, otherwise you run the risk of loosing a $75-$100 voucher (which cost you a grand total of about $1).

Now that your account is loaded with cash, it is time to start advertising. We are not going to go into that just yet. At this point, you should have a few hundred or a few thousand dollars worth of ad words cash for an hour of work and a measly $10-$50. You still have to convert that into actual cash, but it is going to be very hard to not make a profit with this method thanks to the extreme margins that we are dealing with. In the next article, we will discuss how to pick a product to advertise and how to do the actual advertising. Tune in tomorrow for that one.

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  1. I have tried to find somebody selling adword vouchers but everybody stated that you have to spend 35 bucks for every voucher to use complementary amount….
    Do you know anyone selling like you said.
    Let me know please.
    Cheers !

     — Reply
    • The terms of Adwords vouchers are always changing. Sometimes there are vouchers with free credits to use, sometimes there are vouchers that require you to spend a little to get a good size credit amount. You’ve got to shop around to find what you want.

       — Reply
  2. Hi

    Great article!

    I think you may have forgoten to mention that for each $100 adwords, you need to spend $25 of your own money and then google adwords will give you the remaining $75. This will then total the $100.

    So if you buy coupons on any third party website, make sure you understand this feature, that you get a $100 adword coupon, but you need to spend $25 before you access the $75 adword giveaway.


     — Reply