You’re Not Making Any Money Online! Are You?

Let me take a wild guess… you are not making any money online!  Are you?  Don’t hang your head, we’ve all been there.  In fact, the first two years I was online trying to make money I ended up losing thousands of dollars.  My problem was that I was trying to run an online business before I ever knew anything about running an online business.  The critical lesson that I gleaned from failure is that I need to learn before I do.  Before you spend your time or your money or your energy trying to make a living online you should read.  Read and learn as much as you can.  It is true that the internet changes very frequently, but learning the concepts will prove to be invaluable to you.

When you read and learn you should be open to as much as you can take it.  There’s a lot of interconnectivity online and making money online.  Knowing about domain names relates to keyword research which relates to Adsense monetization which relates to developing a website which relates to onsite and offsite SEO which relates to understanding how search engines work (just as one little example).  Don’t be fooled into thinking you can become an expert in just one thing and you will be successful.  You need to understand the full path of things and this is where a lot of people fail.  They don’t learn enough.  They try doing before they truly understand.  They fail.  And then they give up.  Lucky for me that I’m a stubborn mule and after failing for two years I still didn’t give up, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this today and my life would be much different.

When you read and learn a lot you’ll get a ton of ideas and concepts running through your head.  You’ll want to start about 50 projects at once.  It’s natural, it happened to me, and I quickly learned that starting too many projects is a sure way to get off the track that you want to be on… you get spread too thin and you end up with 50 incomplete projects.  I’d recommend you start with two projects.  This will give you a little variety, it will give you two chances at succeeding, you will learn about two different concepts/methods as you develop them, and you should be able to maintain focus and put a solid effort into each project.  Once you hone your online abilities you will be able to expand.  You can add another project into the mix, or (my favorite) you can begin to outsource some work or even full projects to other people.  Outsourcing is great because it allows me to not have to become an expert at coding or programming or website development among other things.  I can focus on what I know best and that is project development and than I can hire people through the computer to do what they know best on my behalf.  And outsourcing does not need to break the bank.  I have people who do simple tasks for me that work for $1/hour.  I have other people that do more technical work for me that work for $10/hour.  And if I need someone highly specialized I’ve paid up to $25/hour.  If you want to look more into finding an outsourced worker there’s one site that I recommend and this is where I find 95% of my outsourced workers, you can check out that site here.

Remember, my advice to you is to learn before you do.  Even if you spend a few months just reading, learning, asking questions, and gaining a ton of knowledge that is a few months well spent.  You’ll hit bumps in the road along the way just like everyone does, but by gaining that knowledge up front you can minimize the amount of bumps you hit.

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