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If you are involved with IM, you will know hat content is the biggest part of ranking and making money online. We talked a lot about different ways where you can get content written for your site and in this article, we will talk about writing services.

Your specifications will be met, for the most part. Normally, a service will have a manager who takes in orders and oversees each project in a broad scope. Then, they will have a few or many writers who mass produce content under the instructions that were given to them. There are a few advantages to using a service. One, your directions will be followed for the reasons stated above. Another advantage is that it will be easy to find the quality that you should expect from the service. A service, especially one found on an IM thread, will have plenty of reviews in which you can read before hand. A service is also reliable. They have a reputation to keep and ditching out on your article means that their service will go down the drain. Also, services will hand pick their writers. This doesn’t always mean the quality is good, but it does mean the writers here are capable of delivering on what you paid for. Lastly, there are many times where you will be able to get sample articles written. New services will offer this as a way to get their business flowing in the beginning.

The disadvantages are that you have to pay upfront. In reality, this is what should happen, but we still have to list it as a con. You won’t get refusal rights either, generally. Some services may give you a refund for the sake of saving face in a bad situation or hoping for more work from you in the future. For the most part, though, you should not expect to have the option to refuse an article from a service.

When you are comparing article services, take note of the reviews, turn around time, customer satisfaction and how long they have been operating. Be wary of brand new services because they may be poorly run. New services are the only ones that are at risk to disappear with your money or fall short of expectations for the most part. Avoid them and you should be fine.

Writing Services are the 2nd most popular way to get content after content mill sites. Stick with popular and proven sites and you should be happy with your results. Before you go in full steam ahead, read reviews and start off with small orders so you don’t find yourself stuck in a large order that you can’t get back and don’t like the quality.


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