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Logos are great if you have an authority site or are looking to create branding value to your site or service. A logo adds to the reputability of the site and will improve the outlook in which customers view your site or service. In this article, we will discuss a few ways in which you can get a quality logo created.
99 Designs

99 designs is the most expensive route to get a logo created. A logo design will cost you $300 or more at the site. On the plus side, you’ll find the highest quality designers who are there because of the high price tag. At 99 designs, you can submit your information and you will receive multiple freelance designers create logos for you. You can choose your favorite logo out of the 10, 50, or more that are submitted. One common complaint at 99 designs is that designers tend to submit logos that are somewhat plagiarize from each other’s ideas. Though you should expect high-quality from the site, it is not perfect and you may want to consider other routes which happened to be more affordable.
48 Hour Logo

48 hour logo is similar concept as 99 designs. There are a few advantages to the site over 99 designs. For one, it is cheaper. You can set your minimum price at $99 as opposed to $299 with 99 designs. The trade-off for that low cost, is that you will receive work from less accomplished designers. 48 hour logo also offers add-on options which can generate buzz about your logo competition. You can award a five dollar participation fee, which will guarantee that each artist wo submits a logo will receive at least five dollars. Think of this as a karma security blanket. You can also hold a private contest so that you can select the designers will work you an upgrade to a featured contest which will increase the visibility of your contest.



If that is still out of your budget, you can turn to fever. You will find the lowest quality logos at fiverr but at a much cheaper cost. Go to fiverr.com and search for logos. Organized by rating and you will find some sellers with a good history of feedback. Remember, you are only getting one design. If you have a budget, I would recommend ordering several logos from different sellers. That way, you will still get a large variety of logo designs at a much lower cost than you would at 48 hour logo work 99 designs.



The last option that we will discuss is to outsource your logo design independently. Post on Craigslist or look online for good logo companies. You may find the best quality designs with this method, however, it can be pricey and unlike the other logo sources, you will not receive multiple different logo design. If you outsource on Craigslist, you can pay after you see the logo. Tell them to place a watermark on the logo so that both parties are protected. This may push away potential designers, but it will keep you from getting scammed out of your money.
If I had to recommend one route to go, I would say to buy multiple fiverr gigs from various sellers to get a broad selection to choose from. Thenyou can  resubmit your favorite to either a fiverr seller or outsourcer for improvements. This will give you a creative high-quality logo design for an affordable price.


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