What is a Link Pyramid?

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The backlink pyramid was one of the first backlinking strategies to be developed ever since Google began placing value on backlinks. The backlink pyramid is easy to implement, easy to explain and useful in many ways. The strategy allows you to send high-quality backlinks to your money site, strengthens those high-quality links, and improves the index rate of those backlinks. In this article, we will explain what exactly pyramid is and how to create it.
Structure of a Backlink Pyramid
The structure is pretty self-explanatory. It is a tiered structure which looks like a pyramid with the most backlinks in the bottom tier and the least amount of backlinks in the highest tier. Here, you can see a diagram of a backlink pyramid.
A typical backlink pyramid will have three tiers:
Tier 1
Tier 1 will you be your highest quality links. These links should be manually created Web 2.0’s, high PR blog posts, high PR social bookmarks, etc… These links will be pointing directly tear my site so you want to make sure they are not spammy and have good diversity.
Tier 2
The second-tier of links will be medium quality links. You can use well spun content and auto create links. Article directories, wiki link and various low PR backlinks are good for the second-tier. Your second-tier of links will be pointing towards your first tier of backlinks only. The goal of the second-tier links is to strengthen the quality of your tier 1 points and improve the index rate of them. You will want to send multiple tier 2 links to each tier 1 back link. This means you will be creating 10 to 20 times more tier 2 and then you created in the first year.
Tier 3
This is where we spam the Internet a la 2001. Tier 3 needs low-quality links like auto approved blog comments, Pligg bookmarks and Wiki links. This third tier of backlinks will be pointing directly to your second-tier of backlinks. The goal of tier 3 backlinks is to improve the index rate of your tier 2 backlinks. The majority of your tier 3 backlinks will not be indexed by Google so you should create enough that you will have at least a few backlinks indexed per tier 2 backlinks on average. Send another 10 to 20 times more backlinks pointing to your tier 2 links as you created previously.
Does Google penalize link pyramids?
Unlike the link wheel, backlink pyramids are a more natural occurrence in backlinking profiles. Google cannot actively find an penalize backlink pyramid as well as they can with link wheel other backlinking strategies. The only real concern should have with link pyramids is with quality. Make sure your tier 1 links are of high quality. Make sure your tier 2 links will be good enough to make googles index.
Creating a backlink pyramid is simple. You can manually create your tier 1 links and buy automate or head over to Fiverr.com and find affordable back links for your second and third tiers.

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  1. its very easy to explain link pyramid but the real thing is how to build the first tier !

    you said high pr post !!! how?

     — Reply
    • To build the first tier you need to put in work. You can contact blog owners and ask if they accept guest posts. You can start a blog on WordPress.com. You can find blogging platforms that are have high PR ranks. You can pay to post on a site. Etc…

       — Reply