Video Ranking Money Making Method – Video Creation

In the last article, we finally completed our keyword research. We have our list of video titles and now it is time to create our videos. We went over 3 ways to create videos that convert well. The type f video that you should use will depend on the type of product or service. You should use…

4)     Video Creation


Animoto is best for products. A cool music track and some text with images look great with videos from there. Animoto is not so great for services, however. Because of the nature of our method here, we will be using a lot of Animoto video.


Use VideoScribe for services. It doesn’t work all that well for this method unless you need to explain something for some reason. If not, you should use this service sparingly.

Fiverr Testimonials

Fiverr Testimonials are what this method was born for. Testimonials work great for products, particularly health and beauty products where you can get away with not showing the physical product. Fiverr testimonials also work with services, just not as well.

If you are selling a blender – Animoto

If you are selling a Netflix subscription – VideoScribe

If you are selling makeup – Fiverr Testimonial

As you create these videos, make sure to read the articles which explain how to maximize each format. Put some effort into each video and it will pay off in the long run. Eventually, you will get better and faster at creating these videos which will improve your output and conversion rate. Remember, if you are short on time, you can always outsource Animoto and VideoScribe gigs on Fiverr, just don’t expect the best quality.

5)     Create your Channel

This is best explained in our “How to Safely Mass Upload to YouTube” series. We don’t have to go into details since we covered it pretty well in those articles. Just make sure to follow all the steps that we outlined. These videos will be high targets for competitor flagging so they could go down quick if you are not careful. Since we are using only 1 affiliate network, it is likely that all of the products are in the same niche. This is part of the reason why we went with only 1 network. Cater your channel towards that niche. Appear as if you are an expert in that niche with your fake bio that you create for the channel.

6)     Landing Page

Learn your affiliate networks terms. Make sure you understand what you can and cannot do. For our purposes here, you will need to figure out whether or not you can link directly to the product page from your video or if you have to send them to a static landing page of your own first. In most cases, sending them directly to the product page is fine, but just make sure to be safe. If you have a choice, sending them directly will create higher conversions for you. As a bonus, no landing page means less work for you.

If you have to make a landing page, you have 2 potions: You can write or order an article or you can just scrape one from the internet. We are ranking the YouTube video and not the landing page so it does not matter if the content is duplicated or not.

We crossed the half-way point with this article. In the next installment, we will explain how to optimize your YouTube video page for both YouTube and Google.

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