Video Ranking Money Making Method – Keyword Research pt. 2

So far, we have selected our affiliate network and completed the first part of our keyword research. We should now have a large list of long tail variations of our product names. Below, we will show you what to do with them.

3)     Google Keyword Tool

Copy and paste the list into Google’s Keyword tool.

*Note: Google’s keyword tool will only accept a maximum of 2,000 keywords at a time. If your list is too large, you will have to split it up into 2,000 keywords or less each.

Set the match type to exact and click search.

Click “Save All” in the first box of terms (these are the terms you searched for) and download “my keyword ideas” to a CVS for Excel. Open the Excel page and get rid of the brackets:

Ctrl+F > Replace > [ with > ] with

(You are replacing “[“ with nothing to remove it)

Now place a filter over the entire sheet (Highlight all columns and go to Data>Filter). We want to get rid of any keyword that has local monthly searches of less than 100. If your product can be shipped globally, you can get rid of any keyword that has less than 300 global searches.

Save the remaining list to a notepad file and exit out of excel and the Google Keyword Tool.

Open up Traffic Travis and paste the list into SEO>Competition.

Follow along here if you are unsure.

Adjust the settings and click “fetch”.

The list will be sorted by keyword difficulty.

Save all of the easy and if needed, medium keywords to a new text file.

Congratulations, you now have a list of buyer keywords that will be easy to rank for. We will be using this list to create our videos. You may notice that you have several long tails that are about the same product. This is a good sign. It means the product is popular and should sell well. You should take note of these products because they may be good targets to form websites around in the future.

In the next article, we will talk about the video creation and how to optimize your YouTube page.

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