Video Ranking Money Making Method – Commenting and Viral Strategy

So far, we have our network, keywords, videos made and uploaded along with our dedicated channel. The video is optimized and uploaded. In this article, we will learn a trick to give your channel high PR which will boost your videos in Google’s rankings.

8)     Channel Commenting

You will want to use this ‘method within a method’ if you plan to upload 20-30 or more quality videos on to a channel. Doing this will make it easier to rank each video that is uploaded to your channel. To do this, you will need to download the SEOquake plug-in for Chrome or Firefox.

Go in to Google, set your search preferences to 100 per page and enter:*/feed?filter=1 keyword

For the keyword, use words that are relevant to your niche. Use SEOquake to sort by PR. Pick out a few high PR pages and leave relevant comments on their channel. Aim for 3-5 per day. In a few weeks, your channel should rise to PR3-PR5. In turn, this will send link juice to your videos and help with their Google rankings.

9)     Blog Commenting

We explained how to do this in this article. Use Google alerts to find niche related blogs and leave a link to your video. You will actually have a better click rate and stick rate because you are linking to an alternative media source. People will be much more likely to click on a YouTube video than another boring article.

10)     Viral Strategy and Views

Another topic that we mentioned in a previous article. You will want to time everything so that it all happens in sync. The video should receive a large amount of views, backlinks, likes etc… in the same time frame. Keep it up until your video is ranked where you want it to be ranked. Once it is there, natural traffic should keep it at the top of the rankings.

We are almost done with this method. Hopefully, you have been following along. The only thing we have left to do is talk about the backlinking strategy that we will use for the videos. To recap so far, we have our videos which are created around the keywords that we have researched. We have properly optimized videos and our viral strategy in place. In the final chapter of this method, we will go over a backlinking strategy which you can use to place your video in the top of Google’s rankings.

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