Using the Lottery to get Viral

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Going viral is a tough thing to do. It is not something you can just create. It often comes out of thin air and completely unexpected. If you can get a piece of content to go viral, the results will be incredible. Going viral creates natural backlinks and a lot of excitement about your site or product which is invaluable, especially if you are in the sales market. There is no formula to follow to get something to go viral. It is not like SEO. We will not be able to give you a viral the cheap, however, we can discuss one way that works quite well. What we will be talking about in this article.

Have we got your attention? Are you ready to go viral?

A great way to go viral is to use the lottery. People love the idea of the microscopic chance that they will become rich and will jump at the opportunity to take a chance. There are two ways to use lottery to get your site for product a ton of attention.

The first way is to use lottery ticket as an incentive. Set up a Facebook fan page for your business and use lottery tickets as an incentive for your viewers to take action. Explain to your viewers that if you share this article, write a review, like the page etc… You will receive a free lottery ticket. This is an offer that you can afford and they cannot turn down. Their friends will see lottery ticket and then make the right towards the post. At that time, they will likely repeat the entire process. One friend turns and 10 firms which turns into hundred and so on.

Another way to use the lottery to your advantage is promising a share of any potential winnings. This method is much cheaper than the method above since you do not have to buy a $1 ticket for each action. If done correctly, this method will only cost you one dollar to do. We’re going to do is buy one ticket and ask your viewers to share it. If they share, they will split the winnings evenly between all the people that shared the post. The same effect as above should apply. One friend turns into 10 friends which turn into 100 friends and so on. Though this method is much cheaper, the disadvantage of this is that you’re not encouraging your viewers to engage in any of your content. It is great that they are sharing an image which linked your site, however, there’s no guarantee that they will make their to your money page.

Working with the lottery is great because it is very cheap and very effective. The Pennsylvania State Powerball lottery is a great one to use. Every so often, the lottery gets into the hundreds of millions and becomes national news. Everyone’s talking about it and they will be more likely to take action when they see free lottery tickets being offered.

This is just one way to get your content to go viral. This will always work but if you pick the right time and promoted correctly, it should pay off for your site or service.

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