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When it comes to affiliate marketing, an Adsense account is a more valuable asset than investment capital. Although such a blanket statement may sound strange it comes as no surprise to seasoned veterans of the Internet Marketing industry. Just spend some time in money making forums and you’ll stumble across countless threads whining about Adsense account bans. While some people may have intended to commit fraud, others may have simply received some surprise “extra help” from friends and family in the form of intentional clicking to pad their accounts. While some experienced marketers may be hesitant to let anyone know about their adsense sights and have a legitimate business plan laid out they may have been unaware of a recent update that Adsense made to its affiliate TOS. This could pertain to something as trivial as a particular ad and content text color and placement. Adsense accounts are hot commodities! If you haven’t registered one you already have a massive competitive advantage. I am going to share a proven and untapped system to create a passive income from adsense and classified ad sites.

The first step is creating quality content. In order to meet Google’s new quality control standards you must refrain from using any re-writer or spinner software programs to generate articles. While these tricks may have bypassed Google’s algorithm in the past, it is widely known among corporate SEO insiders that search engine companies such as Google and Bing regularly perform quality control review. Blatant cookie cutter MFA or “made for Adsense” sites are often penalized in favor of legitimate bloggers. One foolproof way to write quality content is to find a subject that you enjoy writing about. Plug the keywords of your topic into the Adwords External keyword research tool to determine if this venture will be a feasible means of generating an income stream. While writing engaging, inspiring, unique, humorous or motivating content is undoubtedly more difficult and time consuming it will pay off in great dividends in the long term. Unlike spun content that leaves viewers confused or frustrated, quality content will encourage viewers to either bookmark your site or optin to your email list. This opt-in subscription popup can be downloaded on free web creation platforms such as WordPress.

Once you’ve written a substantial amount of content and are generating at least $20 a day in advertising revenue from your websites you can consider outsourcing your work to writers. You can find diligent writers from overseas countries such as India who can write for as little as $0.50/100 words. While this lower quality content is still an asset for ranking your site in the search engines it generally isn’t beneficial for viewers who are looking for academic research, technical, “how to”, or other “how to” content. Ensure that you update and “pad” your blog with quality content at least every other days. A good rule of thumb is to email subscribers with updates every time a higher quality article is submitted.

Craigslist is an extremely underrated traffic generation method for Adsense optimized websites. While it remains a relatively obscure web traffic source, those who attempt to leverage this method often give up due to getting their ads ghosted or getting blocked from posting. It’s important to know which ads are generating clicks are generating visits to the affiliate’s site. After this initial research is initialized, the campaign can be scaled up by outsourcing to ad posters or using quality private proxies and phone verified (PVA) accounts. Using a traffic analytics program is an integral part of achieving high profits quickly. This is because traffic and CTR (click-thru ratio) often varies greatly depending on region and demographic.

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