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The ultimate Niche Finder is a great tool to help you mass scrape keywords and widdle them down to an elite few. Much like we did in our Traffic Travis posts, The Ultimate Niche Finder is capable of all that and a little more. There are a few differences between Traffic Travis (TT) and The Ultimate Niche Finder (UNF). For one, TT is free while UNF is a 1 time fee of $50. At that price, however, it is well worth it.

If you can find 1 good keyword with UNF, you can say that it has already paid for itself.

How does it work?

The UNF scrapes the Google Adwords Keyword Tool for related keywords and downloads the search data for each keyword. So what, you may be asking. Well, this is where UNF shines. With the Google Adwords Keyword tool, you can only collect data for a maximum of 2,000 keywords at a time. UNF will continuously collect up to 800 similar keywords for each seed keyword. UNF can hold up to 30,000 keywords. You would have to run the Google Adwords Keyword tool at least 15 times to collect that much information.

UNF also allows you to easily sort through all of the data. You can filter out poor keywords and re-scrape keywords based of the freshly scraped high quality keywords. This function allows the UNF to find long tail keywords that other programs cannot.

The next thing you can do with the UNF is scrape competition data for each keyword. The UNF will go through each keyword and download the competition strength for you. It uses an algorithm to determine whether or not the keyword is a difficult or easy one to rank for. UNF only analyzes the top 3 results for each keyword. This is okay because in most cases, we are not worried about ranking in the top 10 as we are about ranking #1.

UNF can also check for exact match domains. It checks to see if the .com, .org and .net domains are available for each keyword.

Along with the price, the down side of UNF is that it eats up proxies and captchas. You can connect a captcha service to it, however, UNF will eat through your credits fairly quickly. This is expected because of the amount of information that it scrapes. Just beware that you will have to spend a little extra money on proxies and captcha credits if you want to use this piece of software.

Bonus: When you purchase UNF, you will also receive access to uNiches.com. uNiches.com is a site that archives all of the keyword information as people search for it. It saves the information in a database. As a Uniches member, you will gain access to the sortable database and it’s millions of keywords.

The Ultimate Niche Finder is great for hunting down hard to find keywords and long tails. It is a great piece of software but if you are on a budget, I would pass on this because Traffic Travis can preform many of the same functions for free. If you do have the budget, then yes, I would recommend that you purchase UNF.

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