Top 5 Ways An Average Person Can Make Money Online

The economy is tough and there’s a ton of people out there looking to make some extra money to help out with all their bills and a lot of these people are looking online but don’t know how or where to start.  We’ve all been there at one point in our lives, struggling to make ends meet and so I’d thought it would be a good idea to write down five ways that the average person can make some money online.  Now I don’t mean to call you ‘average’ but I mean these are ways that someone without any experience of making money online can start up and do with little to no experience.

1.  Go to and create something to sell – Fiverr is a site that let’s anyone sell something for $5.  Fiverr takes $1 as commission when you sell something so you get to pocket $4.  For you to understand Fiverr you really need to visit the site.  You can sell anything, it does not need to be a physical product.  People sell testimonial videos, pictures of themselves holding up a sign, they will friend you on Facebook, or pretend like they are your girlfriend to make someone else jealous.  You can sell art, or make a phone call for someone, or a million other things.  If you are a human than you have no excuse for saying you don’t have anything to sell on Fiverr.

2.  Buy in real life, sell on Craigslist there are many places you can buy items cheap in real life.  Tag sales, flea markets, storage locker auctions, estate sales, etc…  You basically buy stuff that people want to get rid of and you pay bottom dollar for it.  Buying in quantity will help assure you to get the lowest price possible.  You then turn around and can sell in on Craigslist for a profit.  You could also sell it on Ebay, but Ebay charges a listing fee and then if it sells you get hit with a selling fee.  If they pay via Paypal you get hit with a Paypal fee.  So I recommend Craigslist to help maximize your profit.  This is a straightforward way to make money and once you have a little practice you will know what items sell the best and where to focus your time.

3.  Join Odesk and offer your skills to people – Odesk is a site where you can bid for jobs online.  There are jobs like doing research, writing articles, being an assistant, among many other jobs that most people can do.  A lot of people will pay $5-10 for a high quality article of 500 words.  To give you an idea of how long 500 words is I’m at about 450 words right now in this article.  I use Odesk a lot to hire people for a few different tasks. If you’re willing to work hard and provide high quality services you will succeed on Odesk.

4.  Buy & Sell Tickets – the ticket market is hot and for popular acts you can almost always make a profit.  The trick to this method is you need to buy the tickets the second they are released because all the hot acts sell out in a minute or two.  Let me give you an example here: I purchased Jimmy Buffet tickets when he was going to play at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, four tickets to be exact.  They were decent seats but nothing great, got them through Ticketmaster right when the sale started.  After a week I learned I would not be able to attend so I wanted to sell them.  I listed them on Ebay for a 7 day auction and a week later I checked back and they sold, for OVER DOUBLE what I paid for them.  I made almost $500 and I wasn’t even trying to.

5.  Write Articles on Squidoo Squidoo is a site where you can create an account and write articles.  You can insert ads in the middle of your article page, ads to sites like or  This is easily done with the click of a button on Squidoo and when people read your articles if they click on the ad and purchase something you will earn a commission.  It costs you nothing to get started and if you have spare time then you can easily write a few articles a day.  I’ve heard some stories about people making high five figures or low six figures a year through Squidoo just by writing articles and earning commissions.

If you’re in need of some money there are 5 ways that you or anyone else can come online and earn some extra cash.  Making money online does not need to be complicated and these methods are something most everyone can do.  So instead of being frustrated or depressed about your money troubles you should pick a method that will suit you and start to bring that cash in the front door.


The above five methods are very quick to set up and don’t require you to own your own website.  If you’re looking for something that is more sustainable, something where you will actually own a tangible asset, something where you can grow your income higher and higher each and every month then I’d recommend you start your own blog.  This might be intimidating to some people, others might be frightened off because they think it’ll be too hard, but let me tell you how to create your own blog in under 10 minutes.  There are three things you need to create your own blog, a domain name (example: mine is, hosting (this is the place where your website will reside so people can access your site 24 hours a day), and a blogging platform (WordPress is the most popular and very simple to use).  You will incur a cost to get started, but the cost can be as small as $3.95 so it is truly affordable for anyone to give it a shot.  Here’s how to get set up in 10 minutes (or less)!

  1.  Domain Name/Hosting/Wordpress – in the past this may have been a pain in the rear as you’d need to get a domain name at one place, hosting at another place, and set up WordPress yourself.  Nowadays a lot of companies have realized that bundling these three together makes a lot of sense and saves consumers time.  The most affordable option which is also the easiest option to set up is at Bluehost.  Most companies charge $15 for a domain name and $10/month for hosting (WordPress installation is usually always free).  This promotional offer on Bluehost gives you a domain name for free, gives you a one click WordPress installation for free, and charges $3.95 a month for hosting.  If you want to see what other companies charge you can check out GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and Enom to compare pricing.  So…  if you’re excuse is that it would cost to much to have your own website you now no longer have any excuse.  Time Spent: 9 minutes
  2. Setting Up WordPress – setting up WordPress manually can be a pain, you have to load the files, create the database, update the configuration file, etc…  so I highly recommend when you sign up with a company you go with one that automates the WordPress process.  If you do than all you need to do is create a username, create a password, and click a button and your site will be live online.  Time Spent: 1 minutes
Promotional Bluehost Pricing

                                           Promotional Bluehost Pricing

If you’re skeptical then don’t be, today it is really that cheap and easy to set up your own website.  Now all your have to do is start writing articles.  If you are passionate about a subject I’d suggest you create your first site about that subject (cars, baseball, food, clothing, math, astrology, etc…).  It will hold your interest, your passion will come through in your articles, and that passion will hold the interest of the people that visit your site.  Once you start getting visitors to your site you can start generating some income (I’ll talk about this at length in another article).

I sent out a monthly newsletter where I give out free tips and tricks on how to earn extra money online & offline so if you’re interested in receiving that (the stuff I put in the newsletter I do not post online) you can sign up near the top right of the site (and get a free ebook as well if you want it).  There’s been literally hundreds of success stories that I’ve received thank you emails from that are making meaningful earnings from the tips in the monthly newsletter.

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