The Top 10 Selling Internet Marketing Products on Clickbank as of Today

There is a ton of great information that you can learn and this information is producing real results.  You don’t need to take a college class, or attend a seminar.  All you need to do is simply research sites, methods, people that are successful and see what they are doing.  You should be able to learn a lot, from website designs that work, to marketing, domain name selection, what killer sales copy looks like, and more.  To do this is simple, just check out the 10 best selling internet marketing related products on Clickbank and see what the top dogs are doing.  Here’s the top 10 selling IM products on Clickbank as of today with a little commentary by yours truly about what’s happening on their landing page:

#1:  G Sniper 2 –  (link to it)

Putting a sales page up that has a video to tell the story has become very popular in the past 1-2 years.  Before that you’d see almost always a long page filled with a sales pitch.  While you still see that nowadays the top selling products almost always have this video approach.  The domain name kinda sucks but if you have thousands of little affiliates out there promoting your site then the domain name becomes less important.

#2:  Jamie Lewis – (link to it)

Another product with a video landing page.  Interestingly enough this product is on a .info page.  Not sure how much return traffic he gets but you could be sure he’s losing most of it to the .com.  Some might then try the .net or even the .org.  But how many people would try the .info extension?  The video must be working if he’s number two on the list so if you are going to create your own product take a look at the videos that are successfully driving sales and see what they have in common and what you should do when you make your video.

#3:  Blogging with John Chow – (link to it)

Let me first off say I am not a fan of John Chow.  When he started out blogging years and years ago he was a good read.  Then he started making some money and going to fancy restaurants and posting pictures of his weekly dinners online.  Suffice to say I was reading his site to try to learn some stuff, not to see how fancy a restaurant can make a $50 piece of tuna look.  And he tries so hard to look so cool, oh John.  Moving on, his landing page have a mix of the new (video) and the old (long sales pitch with block lettering headlines screaming at you).  I think the landing page does a nice job and he integrates video with sales copy nicely.   This is a very nice landing page to study and learn from.  It does a lot of things right so it’s no surprise that it is converting well for him.

#4:  Dot Com Secrets X – (link to it)

They are going the video route at Dot Com Secrets.  Take a look at that long ass disclaimer they have, it is the bulk of the sales pitch.  I’m guessing they are either very concerned about legal backlash, or they already had some legal backlash and are required to put that disclaimer there.  I personally would think the disclaimer would scare a lot of potential customers away.  When you are crafting your sales pitch your wording is very important.  If you try to get tricky you might find yourself having to put up a big disclaimer too.

#5:  Mobile Monopoly – (link to it)

Suprise, another video landing page.  Uses an iPad outline for his video, that may psychologically play into peoples’ thoughts.  This is something I find very interesting and you see it quite often online.  Here’s an article about the owner of this product: .  If you take the 30 seconds to read that you’ll see that this product was his first success.  Yet if you watch the video he makes it seem like he was successful already and now this product is going to show you how.  Shady internet marketing?  In my opinion, yes.

#6:  Commission Killer – (link to it)

I’m not a fan of this sales page.  It’s a video.  The classic “let me show you the screenshot from my Clickbank account so you can see I’m the real deal” is shown in the first 5 seconds.  The pricing of “Today Only $146” I think would rub a lot of people the wrong way.  To the average person $146 is a lot of money to drop on something and the message being sent (at least to me) is that $146 is nothing.  But what do I know, it is doing well on Clickbank.

#7:  IM Report Card – (link to it)

It’s a video *yawn* aren’t they all, but what is interesting here is that this product is all about the owner and he’s branding himself.  He’s selling himself to people and you’re not just buying a product but you’re buying him.

#8:  Coffee Shop Millionaire – (link to it)

This is the “ugly site” theory.  What is the ugly site theory you ask?  A lot of people believe that sometimes an ugly site can convert just as well as (or even better than) a more professional looking site.  Something about an ugly site draws people in.  There’s an art to making an ugly site, but if you get it down pat you can do very well with it.  Look at the headline on the site.  Look at the site.  The video is nothing more than what looks like a powerpoint slideshow.  It’s all ugly to me, but it’s working for them.

#9:  Millionaire Society – (link to it)

We know it’s going to be a video.  What I see here that I don’t think I saw on any of the other sites so far is that it has the Facebook like button on it and it shows 67k+ likes.  This puts the reader into the mindset that this is something popular, something that will work, something that a ton of other people saw value in.  I think psychologically this is a smart move.  I’m surprised you don’t see this on more of the above sites.

#10:  One Man Gang Machines – (link to it)

Sometimes I just don’t get it and I guess that shows that I’m still learning.  The site looks like a big cartoon, the video has the still shot of the guy with the gold chain sticking out, the sales copy looks out of whack, but it sells.  Don’t ask me why, I wouldn’t buy anything from this landing page ever, but maybe that’s because I’ve been around the block a time or two and for a newbie this would draw them in.


Here’s a quick takeaway of what I saw surface level…

– 9 out of the 10 top sellers are using a .com domain for their sales page.  I’d stick to that too.

– a video as your landing page is the place to be.  I think I counted all 10 of the sites above having a video on them.

– most of the sites tried to stick to a minimalized landing page but having only the video.  Even though I’m not a fan of John Chow I think his mixture of video with sales copy looked really good.

– a few of the sites are trying the old “pay a few bucks today for a trial” and then they’ll bill you a Ben Franklin a month thereafter unless you cancel.  I think this strategy could work well.  The one issue you can run into is when people forget to cancel and see that $100 charge on their credit card statement they may call up the credit card company and tell them they didn’t authorize it.  If you get a lot of these unauthorized recharge complaints  it can impact your standing with your credit card processor.  If you don’t care, then go for it.

Don’t think you can just mimic what you saw and become as successful as these products are.  The one area that you aren’t seeing is that these guys probably had a very good contact list of potential or former affiliates that they’d get to push their products.  Putting together a product and a landing page is half the battle and definitely an important process, but you’ll also need to attract the people who do affiliate marketing to drive sales for you.  That’ll be a discussion for another time and another day.

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