Proven Method to Boost SEO Using HubPages

Unfortunately, a lot of the so-called SEO methods found online are nothing but dated and useless information. A lot of the information in SEO e-books and WSOs do take Google’s latest algorithm updates into account. Many of the automated lower quality methods are now entirely irrelevant in the SEO industry. In fact, if you followed many WSOs step by step you’d find your site sandbox by Google if you’re lucky enough to not get blacklisted from the SERPs entirely.

If anyone has spent at least a few days into researching SEO they’re bound to have come across the expression “content is king” This is the first step in building a proper website that generates income through SEO. There’s a lot of “doom and gloom” about the challenges of becoming successful in internet marketing post-Panda. However, the truth is a lot of things have become easier for newbies in internet marketing. What if I told you can get paid $6.00 everytime you submit an article to a web 2.0 site? Regardless of how long it takes you to build a stable income in affiliate marketing you can’t deny that a “training bonus” is always a nice perk!All you need to do is submit an application for the Hubpages apprenticeship program.

It is imperative to put a decent amount of time and effort into writing these Hubpages articles. Don’t even consider using spun or copy/pasted content since all articles are manually reviewed by moderators before they are accepted. Moreover, if you’re struggling with writing the maximum of 28 articles per month don’t outsource unless you know the writers you’re hiring are competent in what they’re doing. For half of these so-called “content writers” it’s only second nature to plagiarize and use automated article spinning software. Many of them will also take advantage of webmasters who hire them and write excellent original content the first few times and then start submitting duplicate content once they’ve build a level of rapport.
The apprenticeship program lasts for six months and allows you to earn an extra $900 from article writing alone. However, if you are committed to writing quality content you can easily achieve a high hub score. As long as you score between 70 and 100 your hubs will automatically get upgraded to dofollow links. Dofollow web 2.0 article links are some of the most powerful backlinks. The best part is you don’t have to pay for them but rather get paid for doing the initial work to build them!

One great advantage to building your online presence using Hubpages is their awesome referral program. If you know anyone who enjoys writing you can refer them to join under you’re affiliate link. You will be credited every time they earn through Hubpage’s rev-share advertising program. Unlike other referral programs you don’t need to be a great sales person or chase friends and family. Everyone is looking to make a little extra money is this economy! One of the most effective methods is to post classified ads or even post flyers in targeted areas such as college campuses.

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