SEO Huge Tip : Why You Should Avoid Blog Backlink Networks

There are two types of blog backlink networks and you should avoid them both.  Why?  Because Google has caught on and has started deindexing sites that participated in these networks with a fury.  Let’s discuss further.

The two types of blog backlink networks are as follows:

1.  A network that is run by an entity that provides all the blogs.  These networks could run from a few hundred to thousands of blogs.  But they are all owned by the same entity.

2.  A network where the network owner is a facilitator.  People contribute their blog to the network and let people place links on their blog and in return they get to place their backlink on other people’s blogs.

In theory this would seem like getting some high quality Pagerank backlinks to your site, and it sounds great, until Google lowered the banhammer on a bunch of the high profile blog backlink networks.  I’ve been reading forum posts, blog posts, and other tidbits and here is what I’ve arrived at.  Google has caught on through identifying footprints within the blog backlink networks AND also through participating in some of the blog backlink networks to find out which blog sites were placing paid links on them.  Now this is based on what I’ve read but it makes sense to me.  Google went pretty hardcore to shut these networks down and website owners are paying the price.  I’ve read that people who participated in the #2 type of blog backlink network had their sites DEINDEXED from Google.  Not just a decrease in rankings or temp penalty but a deindexing.  This has to hurt if you worked your tail off to build a high quality site and got it deindexed.

Now I’m not going to out which networks got the boom lowered on them, but there was no less than five of the top players that I’ve heard about.

The moral of the blog backlink network story…  sooner or later Google will catch on and you could pay the ultimate price with your site.  If you were considering joining a blog backlink network I would strongly advise against it as I’m sure some people are still trying to find customers to pay into their product which has fallen apart.

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