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In this article, we will talk about Tumblr and how you can reach a large audience and make sales pretty easily.

First comes the bad part, the $12 part. Go here and purchase the Tumblr Autobot. You can read what the bot does exactly on the sales page but basically, it is a do-it-all Tumblr bot. That means it will create accounts, like, follow, re-blog, ask, submit and scrape Tumblr for you.

Of course you can do this method manually but the results would be so minuscule that it would not be worth your trouble. Anyway, buy the bot through that link and continue onward.
With this bot, we are going to scrape users and ask url’s from Tumblr. Afterwards, we are going to use the bot’s submitter function to “ask” thousands of blogs if they have heard of our product. What product? A Clickbank product of course. Any will do, just find one that you think will sell well. Feel free to experiment with a few different products as well.

Scrape the usernames of Tumblr users who use a particular keyword that relates to your product. For example, if you have a nutrition product, scraping with the word “gym” would work well. One isn’t enough, however. Try to think of as many related keywords as your can. Use Traffic Travis, Scrapebox, Google suggestions…the works. Remember, we want to have as many usernames as we possibly can for this method.

Load up the keywords and change the settings on the bot to “fast” mode and 50 pages. Click run and let it work it’s magic. A few hours later, you should have a list of 50,000 users minus duplicates.

Throw that into notepad and do a find and replace to insert “” in for “”.

Next, go here and upload the list. This will run through your list and check if each url is active. Set the thread count to 1 to get an accurate check and give it a few hours. Ideally, you should now have a list of around 10,000-20,000 users.

Grab some proxies. Hopefully you have a few but if not, get a few on Fiverr for $5.  Now head back over to the bot and click the ask tab. Set the delay to 60 seconds and load up your proxies. Depending on the amount of proxies your have loaded, the bot should be able to get through 20-100 post per hour.

Now that we have that set up and running, let the bot run through the list. Again, it is waiting time. This may take up to a few days so leave your computer on and let it run. This is the point where we make our sales pitch or mention, rather. Use something simple like “Have you checked out ____?” or “What do you think of ____”. Not salesey but enough to peak their interest.


Thats all there is too it. See that works and what doesn’t. Rotate through different products and this is an easy method to scale up.

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