Secrets of Earning Easy Money on Youtube:

You’ve probably browsed YouTube and noticed endless spammy top comments. Ever wonder how these comments get rated so high? Today, I am revealing some of the most untapped YouTube secrets of this generation.

One of the most effective ways to market on Youtube is through comment marketing! Although it might sound old school comment marketing has always been effective and hasn’t lost it’s Midas Touch. Let’s take dating for example. Not only are there endless dating affiliate programs to promote but the the market is huge and will never disappear. Unlike the adult video niche, real life dating experiences won’t get phased out by free tube sites. People will always look for that special “one and only” so it’s pertinent to create quality comments and squeeze pages that your YouTube traffic can relate to. It’s a good idea to set yourself apart from the other generic comments and try to relate to the audience your targeting. The key is to be creative and say something like “I got tired of pua and tried I attended 2 of their seminars and within 3 weeks I was attracting several women a day without approaching” Ultimately the keywords here are “without approaching” No matter what a lousy salesman you are this comment is preying on the overwhelming laziness of today’s young men and will bring the ideal traffic to your dating website.


Although it’s much easier to generate sales in the dating niche, I never mentioned that the adult niche was dead! It’s far from it in fact. In fact, with the popularization of paid cam show sites, it’s making a silent comeback. One great method of comments is to add realism by making it appear as though you’ve replied to another user. For example; “@exampleyoutuber I know, shes sexyA.F… just saw her stripping butt naked and pole-dancing on”

No matter what niche you choose you’ll need to find a dependable means of getting your comments rated. One of the most popular methods of rating your comments is by using the endless YouTube services available on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr. Although these services are a bargain you need to do some shopping before you find the perfect solution. Just because a vendor has a 100 positive rating doesn’t ensure they will even deliver as promised! Many sellers inflate their rankings by paying for reviews so they can sell more services or merely keep up with competitors. Make sure to double check that you are giving them the right comment and the desired YouTube video to post to. Failing to double check if your url forwarding service or domain is working properly could spell disaster and guarantee you a big fat zero in affiliate earnings.

The beauty of this method is the fact that comments often stick for a prolonged period of time due to their artificially inflated rating. This provides a stream of super targeted traffic to your affiliate page, landing page or website. It’s imperative to research how to build your own website and landing page from scratch. Nowadays, it typically costs hundreds of dollars to hire an experienced web designer who’s also willing to write a sales copy for you. The easiest way to become competent in sales writing is to find out what the competition is up to. The most serious salespeople will be promoting their websites through Adwords and banner ads. It’s definitely worth it to check these pages out and test different layouts and sales lingo for you self. If you replicate what a successful person is doing, it will work just as well provided you have the content and are “playing the law of large numbers”

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