Pro’s and Con’s of Content Mill Writing Sites

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iWriter and TextBroker are two of the more popular content mill sites out there. Basically, the client will submit their orders and someone that is signed up for the site will write it for them. Like any other way, there are many pro’s and con’s to this. As a client, you can be rest assured of two things. The first being that your work will be completed and the second being that you will not be ripped off. Just as a service needs to keep up a good reputation, so does a content mill site. These sites usually have a solid system in place and are even more reliable when it comes to handling payment properly.

Unless you submit an extremely undesirable order, you should expect your order to be completed within a reasonable time frame. Most of the time, these sites have a line of writers itching to get more content to write and will pull your order as soon as it is posted by you. If you are on a time crunch, this may be the way to go since other methods, like a service which can have delayed turn around times, or working with a freelancer, who can be very unreliable, may not be able to meet your time needs.

A down side to these content mill sites is that almost anyone can join. Some sites have systems in place. For example: You have to acquire a certain number of articles written and meet a minimum rating average to gain access to higher paying articles. Others have editing processes such as Textbroker, who won’t even submit the article to you without an editing round.

With that said, you should expect decent content with each order, but there are going to be times where the content is completely unacceptable and you will have to ask for a refund or a rewrite and that is a time suck for everyone involved; the writer and you, the IM’er. To counteract this, most content mill sites will allow you to reject poorly written articles. Don’t abuse this, however, because most sites will allow the writers to view your rejection rate. If you have too many rejections, the good writers and writers in general will avoid your articles.

One more thing to note is that they usually have different pricing levels. Meaning you can order low quality cheap articles, or pay more for articles and submit them to higher quality writers.

Overall, content mill sites are good to use if you just need a lot of articles in a short amount of time. Working with individuals or services will slow the turn around time for large orders. You will also be glad to know that your entire order will be completed at some point and you won’t have the trouble of having a freelancer bail out on the project half way through or something like that.

Both content mill sites and services are perfect for very small orders as well. When you have a small order, you won’t want to have to spend the extra time interviewing, checking and testing out a potential writer. It is much easier to go with a service or site which already has that part sorted out for you.


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