Organic and Longtail Traffic with Yahoo Answers

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Yahoo Answers ranks very well in Google. You may not be able to reach #1, at least not consistently, but you should expect to find your post somewhere on page 1 of Google for long tail keywords. In this article, we will talk about how you can get a large amount of organic traffic by answering questions within your niche. This is a great long term method to increase your visitors.

Before we start, take note that progress will be very slow with this method. Also, you should have good knowledge about your niche. If you are simply promoting a random ebook of Amazon product, this may not be worth your wild. If you have a site that promotes something that you have an interest in, or it is at least something that you can learn a lot about, this method will be great. I say that you should have a good understanding about your niche for three reasons. First, it will save you time. You won’t have to look things up in order to answer the questions. Second, your answers will be more likely to reach the top since you know what you are talking about more than others. The third reason is that you will start to become a trusted member within your niche. Which reminds me, pick a user name that relates to your site. If possible, just use the name of your site as your username. For example, “anticareer” or “anticareerguy” would make for fine user names for our purposes.

Once you have an account. Start answering questions.  The main goal here is to reach level 2 status so you can post hyperlinks. It will take a few days but keep at it. Eventually, you will get there with enough posts. This is also a good time to improve your answering skills. If you look back and don’t have any answers choose as the best, you need to brush up on your niche a little more.

Get to level 2 and start targeting questions that pertain to our niche. If you can, be winded with your responses and through possible long tails in there where it seems natural (don’t force this part otherwise your comment will not rise to the top). Type your answer and leave your link for the visitors to follow.

That is the basics, now it is time to get dirty. First, create a bunch of accounts. Use proxies and try not to leave any footprints that Yahoo would be able to find. Get a few of these accounts up to level 2 and leave the others as voting accounts. When you submit an answer, go into the other accounts and vote up that original answer.  This will ensure that you don’t waste your time answering a question that will get buried.

That just about wraps up today’s lesson. Remember, this is a long term strategy that will pay off down the road. Be patient with this. At the very least, you are learning about your niche and coming up with more topics to write about or send off to your writers.

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