Offline Method: Online Reputation Management pt. 2

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In the last article, we began a method that involves contacting local businesses in your area and offering them an online service. The business niche we chose were restaurants and the the service we are going to offer is online reputation management. We will finish this method up here and talk about how to construct your sales letter and service.

Sales Letter

Keep this short and to the point. One page is fine. In the letter, explain to them who you are, what you do and most importantly, that you work in their local area only. This shows them that you are not spamming across the country but are a real company that works in a similar way that they do.

Tell them that you specialize in restaurant reputation management and that you are offering a service. Explain the service below in the next paragraph. It is a good idea to offer multiple services. A small and large and maybe a medium sized package. Price them so that the large package appears to be the best value. This will increase your profits with this method. End with a call to action with your contact details. website and name.

*Note: You want to be able to expand this method so ideally, you should set your site and sales letter up so that they will be able to easily purchase the service package online. This will save you time and cut down on your person to person interactions. You will have to leave a number but if you have multipleclients calling you each day, it will hinder your ability to expand or focus on other projects.

Now, what is this service we keep bringing up?

Jump over to Fiverr and put a few packages together. Tweets, Twitter followers, Yelp reviews, Facebook Likes and anything else that you can find which is relevant.

Use reliable sellers so you do not have any issues down the road and create 1-3 packages which your company will be offering to these restaurants. Once your service is put together, add it to your site and sales letter and you are ready to go.


Depends how impressive your service looks. You can do a $99-$179-$249 model where you basically offer double the first service with the middle package and triple the first service with the largest package. Giving them that option of $50 off may push them towards going with the largest package. As far as the Fiverr orders go, you are generally going to want to keep your expenses at around 10-30% of what it will cost to buy each package.

How can you scale this up? You can scale this up in two ways. One, expand geographically. Once you have your x miles radius covered, you can continue to expand outwards. Either focus on different regions at a time or keep an ever expanding radius of clients to contact. Either way, you can somewhat counter the “I don’t trust you because you live too far away” effect that you will eventually come across by referencing other clients that you have worked with that are located much closer to the new restaurant than you are.

The other way to expand is by repeating this same process, but switch the business. Instead of restaurants, target baby day cares or something else along those lines. What ever it may be, make sure they will have a need for online reputation management or else your results will squander.

Thats all you need to create a $xx,xxx+ per year business. Use these online and offline techniques to start making money fast.

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