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We have all seen it. It seems like just about any time you read a method or tutorial, it ends with a “just add your own twist”. It is easy to say but tough to do, especially when you have just been spoon fed a method in detail. The problem is, it is tough for someone to think outside the box using a method that they have no experience with. If the method uses dog training as an example, it is really hard to think of other ways the method can be implemented outside of pet related niches. The truth is, a twist is necessary for the method to have any success. You are not going to be the only one reading a method, depending on the forum, there could be thousands of others reading and trying to implement the exact strategy that is laid out in the method. Even if the method is great, it is going to be over saturated to the point where it is no longer effective. If you find yourself in this predicament  have no fear, for this article is here!

There are two easy ways to add a twist and that is what we are here to discuss today. The first way to add a twist to a given method is to change the niche. If the niche is dog training, use flowers. If the niche is Cooking, use rubber bands. Basically, you will want to make sure your niche is not related to the original idea what so ever. This will normally mean that you ill have to tweak a few things, and that is exactly where we want to be. Once you start figuring how to adjust the method to fit your new niche, you will be twisting the method around enough for it to actually work. Before you know it, you have your very own method that is similar to the original but unique enough to succeed.

Another way to add your own twist is to change the monetization method. It is the same concept as we discussed above. You want to change the monetization method so that it will force you to alter enough steps for the method to work. If the monetization strategy is AdSense, use Amazon affiliate sales. If the monetization strategy is pay per download, try pay per action. I think you get the idea by now.

It is tough to think of a twist without an established direction. By putting yourself in a position where you have to fill in some blanks and change around the details, you will make it easier to come up with a unique twist and apply it to the method as the OP always says to do.

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