My Top 10 List of Ways to Make Money Online

There are tons of different ways you can make money online and you don’t need to be an internet marketing guru to earn some bucks on the internet.  Today I’m going to give you a list of the Top 10 ways you can make money online.  Some of these ways you will need a more fundamental understanding of the internet and/or internet marketing, but if you are able to navigate the internet then there is no reason you can’t generate some cash in your pocket if you want to.  Let’s get to it:


ANYBODY can make money online over at  If you’ve been living under a rock Fiverr is a site that let’s you list something (physical product, service, anything really) that you will offer to someone for the price of $5.  What are some things you can sell on Fiverr?  A lot of people sell SEO services (you need internet marketing knowledge for this), video reviews (you just need a webcam), sock puppets (you need the mad skills of making sock puppets), they’ll friend you and pretend to be your girlfriend on Facebook for a few days (if you have a Facebook account and you’re hot you can do this), ebooks, singing happy birthday, or any number of things.  Head over there and see what people are offering and I will GUARANTEE there is stuff you can be offering.  This is ideal for someone who can either offer a product or service and mass produce it and sell a ton, or someone who needs some extra cash and is willing to offer whatever people need.


Craigslist is a goldmine for a variety of people and reasons.  You can run internet marketing concepts on Craigslist.  I won’t get into all that but there’s a lot of CPA offers where you can find people on Craiglist you can market them to.  Not interested in CPA offers or internet marketing, no worries, head to some local tag sales or estate auctions.  Buy stuff in bulk on the cheap.  Go to Craigslist and post it all.  There’s no posting fees, there’s no selling fee (unlike selling through Ebay) and you always deal in cash with people on Craigslist.  You should have a goal that for every $25 worth of goods you buy at a tag sale you should be able to sell them for AT LEAST $50 on Craigslist.  Hit up a few tag sales every weekend, post them on Craigslist and sell’em and you can be making a spare couple hundred bucks a week.


There’s a lot of affiliate programs out there but is the biggest and Amazon is such a well known site and has a huge reach that you’ll get a lot of people who click on your Amazon affiliate link and they just happen to buy a different product and you’ll get credit for it.  I’ve posted a few articles on how to win at promoting the Amazon affiliates program so if you want to check’em out there’s a lot of helpful tips on how I pull in some major cash through this program.  The best thing about this is that you can get it up and running for under $30 (domain name + monthly hosting).

#7  Start Your Own Blog

The blogs that I see that succeed the most are the ones where the blog owner is really passionate about the subject of his blog.  It does not matter if your passion is food, technology, sports, pets, whatever.  If you let your passion shine through and you produce unique, insightful, informative content on your blog you will eventually gain readers.  And once you start gaining readers you’ll be able to start making money through a variety of ways (ads, products, services, revenue share, etc…).  If you are not passionate about a topic and you try to create a blog on that topic it is going to be a much harder journey, not impossible, but significantly harder.

#6 Create and Sell a Service

You can create a service and market yourself and your service online in order to gain customers.  You don’t need to offer an online based service (though you could).  If you are a babysitter, a dog walker, a guitar lesson coach, a tutor, these are all services that you can market online and get customers.  I would think that everyone should (hopefully) have something that they excel at and can offer as a service.  If I wanted to offer a service online I could offer either 1 on 1 coaching or an online class on making money online.  If I wanted to do an offline service I’d offer to watch people’s pets when they go on vacation (they bring them to my house).  I know I could do either of these services and I’d make money at them so I’m sure there is at least one if not more things you can offer to people as a service.

#5 Become a Middleman

Some people don’t have anything to sell but they are great talkers.  They are personable, can small talk someone, and know (or can learn) the art of negotiation.   If you are one of these types of people you can become a middleman/broker.  There’s lots of people who have things that they want to sell but their problem is finding the right buyer.  This is where you come in.  You find that buyer for them and you get a 10% or 15% commission based on the sales price.  There’s domain name brokers.  You don’t need to own a great domain name in order to profit from great domain names, you just need to be able to identify the sellers, find them and let your talking convince them that you can find a buyer for their domains.  Then you need to be able to find buyers and convince them that the domain name for sale will help them and the price is right.  If you can sell a $100k domain name you just pocketed $10k or $15K depending on what percentage you worked out.  And being a middleman doesn’t have to be just in the domain name game.  Find people in real life who have something to sell and once you get them to sign an agreement go online and look for a buyer.  Bigger ticket items are best because you want to get a decent amount of commission out of every sale.  Cars, antiques, jewelery, collectables are all big ticket items.

#4  Become an Affiliate

There’s a lot of people online who have a product or service that they are selling and they are always looking for people to sell it for them in exchange for a cut of the sale.  You can find a bunch of these product/service owners on Clickbank.  Find a product that you believe people will have an interest in buying… something where the demand is there, the price of the product is reasonable, the sales page is enticing, and off you go.  There’s TONS of ways to promote affiliate products.  What is great about this is if you find a way to generate a lot of sales you can get a very nice run and make hundreds or thousands of dollars in a single day.  It doesn’t happen for everyone, but I’ve personally had days where I’ve made five figures in affiliate commission.

#3 Do Something Better

Sometimes the best way to make money is to find something that you are not happy with and doing it better.  That is how Netflix got started.  Reed Hastings was not happy about a late fee that Blockbuster charged him and fast foward to today and Netflix.  A lot of big things have started from a single small dissatisfaction.  If you are unhappy with something than chances are there may be many people unhappy with that same thing.  Find something that is lacking and find a way to fix it and offer that new solution to people.  Another product is that towel with the velcro on it that women use to wrap their hair in when they get out of the shower.  Think about it, a towel with some velcro, and that was a million dollar idea.

#2 Domain Name Flipping

I’ve talked about domain name flipping before and I’m still telling you that this is a great way to make money and maximize your time to profit ratio.   You can get into the domain name game with $100 and be on your way.  Make sure you read as much as you humanly can before you start so you can avoid some of the pitfalls that most people make when they just jump right in.  If you get good at this you’ll find that you can make a full time living working 10-15 hours per week.  It’s just a matter of learning the ropes and working hard and smart to succeed.  Domain name flipping can require you to be patient, both by having to learn the ropes initially, and then having to wait for the right buyer of your domain names.  But when everything comes together this is something that won’t take much of your time and you can do it from anywhere at any time of the day.  If you want to read an article about a success story in the domain name industry here you go.  Now you can’t just jump right in and do what he did because that was then and this is now, but you can see the potential (albeit on a smaller scale today).

#1 Creating Your Own Product & Getting Affiliates to Promote it For You

This is #1 for a reason because you can ring the register and make in upwards of 7 figures a year but this also has the biggest learning curve, takes a ton of hard work, requires you to be smart every step along the way, get a little lucky if need be, and have the ability to work on something for a few months while making no money during the time (until you launch the product).  When you create your own product and get affiliates to promote it for you, you are expanding your reach across the web.  You will touch places of the internet that you couldn’t touch yourself and you’ll get sales from a huge variety of places.  Affiliates can be quite clever and if you have a stellar product that they believe in and want to promote some of them will go the extra mile to promote it across the entire internet.  People will make Youtube videos to promote your product, they’ll do article marketing, they’ll start a review site, they’ll comment on blogs, I mean the amount of things that they will do is limitless.  But you first have to come up with that killer idea, than see it through and create the killer product, while also creating a killer sales page, and then you have to reach out and get affiliates to market it.  This is not for the weak of heart but if you do it right the rewards are quite handsome.

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  1. Nice list. I think it should be in reverse order. I like 10 & 9 the most. They should be 1 and 2.

     — Reply
  2. I agree with the list, but I think blogging should be higher up. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money online. It’s just that it requires a lot of preparation.

     — Reply
    • Earl – yes, I agree blogging can be lucrative, it is just a lot of dedicated hard work and you are putting all your eggs into your basket if you go all out with a blog. Not saying it won’t work, it certainly can, but in the event it does not work out you are left with nothing to show and wasted months.

       — Reply