More Ways to Sell your Service or Product Effectivley

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In the last article, we talked about a few ways in which you can improve your sales page(s) and make more conversions. We went over what to put in your headline, using a phone number, putting the price at the bottom, adding a theme that will help your visitors remember you and staying concise so your visitors will know what your sales page is about. In this article, we have a few more tips for you including discounts, thread bumps and more.

Thread Bumps

If you sell your product or service online, you are likely going to want to get some exposure on a few forums. Some forums will allow you to create sales threads for a small fee. This is a great way to find laser targeted visitors that have a high likely hood to convert. The best thing about selling on a forum is the way threads work. Normally, anytime a new post is made, the thread will rise to the top of the forum, making it more visible for the rest of the forum’s visitors to spot. The goal here is to bump your sales thread as often as possible. You can do this in a few ways. For one, make sure that you are communicating in your thread and answering any question that you can. Thats nice, now it is time to get a little sneaky. Answer the questions in the thread, but space the replies out over time. For example  if your thread has 2 unanswered questions, answer one at noon and the other at 9 pm. This is a way that you can continue to bump your thread and keep it visible without alerting the mods that you are bumping your thread excessively (which could otherwise result in a forum ban).

Offer Sales

Use this tool for two reasons. 1, to bump your thread. 2, to generate a spike in interest in your product. When sales are slow, give a random xx% discount for the first x buyers. That will give you some work and bring in new clients. Also, you may encounter some customers that missed the sale but got excited for your product and are not willing to buy it at it’s normal price.

Price High and Offer “Exclusive Discounts”

Take two identical products. Product A costs $19 and product B costs $59 but you can get it today for $19. Which are you more likely to buy? Even though they are the same products at the same price, the $59 discounted product seems like a better value and a must buy, while the $19 product seems like a cheap and average buy. You can do things like offer a forum exclusive discount but offer the same discount everywhere you sell your product, or a “limited time or while supplies last” discount that never actually ends.

There you have it. 3 more great ways to improve your sales. Use these techniques and make a product to sell. Simply following this outline will significantly increase the likely hood that your product sells which should make it more likely that the work that you put into your product will pay off.

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