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In the last article, we gave you some tips on how to set up a profitable Ecommerce site. Today, we are going to continue with that theme and give you even more things that you should keep in mind when you are starting an online store. Just to recap, we talked about and explained the type of site link structure that you should use, we explained what canonicalization was, we talked about the importance of making it easy for your customers to be able to navigate through your site seamlessly and we explained why you should continually submit updates XML sitemaps, especially after you add more products to your site.



Studies have continually showed that the loading time on a site plays a huge factor on the visitors likelihood of staying on that page. The difference between a slow and fast loading site can be as little as a few seconds. That’s right, if your site takes 2.3 seconds to load as opposed to 1.9 seconds, you are likely loosing sales. Make sure your site loads quickly. If you are using a WordPress site, there are plug-ins that will do this for you. As a bonus, getting visitors to stay on your page also lowers your bounce rate which Google loves to see. Site speed is one of the most important factors for many reasons so make sure it is as good as it can be.


For a long time, Google has been rewarding authorship more and more with each update. They see this as a way to distinguish keyword stuffed articles vs actual experts in the field which is why they are rewarding authorship. The biggest help, however, is the image that Google displays next to the article in it’s index. This will draw eyes and improve the likely hood that the link is clicked on significantly. You can see as mush as 30% of the clicks by ranking with authorship even if you are not at the #1 position.

Image Optimization

There is not too much to this. Always add images. This is particularly useful on an Ecommerce site since in most cases, we are dealing with products. Of course, you will want to add a picture or two of the item that you are selling on your site. This helps with Serps as is it a way to add your keyword more times without keyword stuffing the article. Give your image a keyword title and Alt tag. If you use multiple images, it may be a good idea to label the other image as an LSI keyword. If you don’t have images on your pages, do it. It is too easy and too helpful not to.

There we have it. Use these tips, as well as the tips on the previous article and you should see your Ecommerce site make sales and become successful. Keep expanding the site, ranking for more keywords and adding new products and you will be on your way to a great source of passive income.


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