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Recently, YouTube has made a strong push in their ranking algorithms to favor videos that have a natural and backlink profile. In the past, the getaway with simply focusing on creasing the number of views, likes, comments and subscriptions. Now, however, you will have to pay attention to the rate that you are sending the views, likes, comments and subscriptions.
There are two things you will need to do in order to successfully rank videos for competitive keywords. This is what we will discuss in this article below.
Mimic a Viral effect
A natural view and back linking profile for a video is much different than one for the site. Videos go viral far more often and sputter out much quicker than a site with. To YouTube and Google, a natural looking view and back linking profile is one which appears to have gone viral. In order to mimic the viral effect, you will have to send a lot of views, back links, likes, comments and actions to your video and channel amount of time.
Coordinate and Drip Feed
As you create a viral strategy, you will also have to time of everything so that it all happens at the same rate. What we mean by that is to make sure the back links are created at the same time that the views are sent, the likes are sent at the same time the video is favorited, etc…
This presents a problem because most video services do not give you this flexibility. Usually, if you buy 5000 views and 20 likes, the likes could be sent within the first day while the views trickle in throughout the rest of the week. This makes it difficult to mimic a true viral profile for your video.
Don’t panic, we have a solution for you. Before we start, I want to make it clear that we are not suggesting that Vagex.com is the best place to get used. There many problems with the site, however, one of the benefits of Vagex is the flexibility of its interface.
Through Vagex, you can add and adjust views, likes, comments, subscriptions and favorites in real-time. We’re going to tell you how to do this, but keep in mind that this will be a very tedious process.
First you want to do is enter video into the rotation “x” times. This depends on how many views you want to send the video. If you want to send it 1000, one time is enough. You want to send it thousand views, you should add the video multiple times. This will allow the video to receive a large amount of these in a short amount time.

As you do that, you also want to add a small amount of likes, comments and subscriptions to your video. I’ll have them all at once. Add a few each day as your views continue to collect. This will allow you to naturally spread out the likes comments and subscribers just as they would appear naturally.
When you send the video views, aim for high retention views. This means sending views which will watch the video for 50%-100% of its duration. Vagex’s 30 second per credit feature will allow us to do this easily. Make sure you marry the view rate. If you have a two-minute video, send an equal amount of 30 second, 60 second, and 90 second views to it.
Last but not least, create back links to your videos at the same time that you are sending used to it. This is what Google will want to see when it comes to ranking in their search engine.
Following these steps will ensure that you will be able to rank for competitive keywords in both YouTube and Google’s search engines.

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