Marketing 1 Product 10 Different Ways: How to Create a Money Tree Through Passive Income

Creating your own product can be a very time consuming and tiring event so the last thing you want to do is not take advantage of every way under the sun to sell that product and maximize your return on investment.  I’d guess that about 90% of people who make a product make a single landing page (or a single website) to talk about, promote, and sell that product.  Fools!  Why do you want to leave money on the table.  And not just a little money, but significant money.  I’m going to make the assumption that your product is at least decent if not very good.  Why would you only market it one way?  Remember in Forest Gump when Bubba is talking about all the ways you can cook shrimp?  Shrimp kabob, shrimp stirfry, shrimp gumbo, etc…  If you owned a shrimp restaurant would you just serve shrimp one way?  Or would you serve it 15 different ways?  In the end, you are still selling shrimp, but the “packaging” is different and different packaging can appeal to different people.  Let’s take a look at an example…

The “Make Money Online” niche is very popular among people.  Let’s say that you made an ebook about a method on how to make money online.  How would you create your sales page?  You’d take whatever you think would interest buyers and you’d build it.  But whatever you build won’t appeal to every buyer.  There will be buyers who were looking for something different.  Some people want to make quick money, some people want to make tons of money, some people want to start a legit whitehat website that will provide passive income for years to make, etc…  Instead of making one website to sell your product on, why not make 10 websites to sell your product on?  Each site will appeal to a different class of buyer.  You can appeal to the young crowd on one site, the older crowd on another site, the female crowd on a third site, the male crowd on a fourth site, the get rich quick crowd on a fifth site, the long term passive income on a sixth site, the lazy people who want to only do 30 minutes of work on a seventh site, the I want to quit my day job and work online crowd on the eighth site, the materialistic crowd on a ninth site, and the can’t find a job crowd on the tenth site.  Those are all off the top of my head.  There’s plenty more.  You spent the time creating the product, now you need to spend some time selling it to as many people as possible and I’m telling you the way to do this is by building niche landing pages on different URLs.  Same product, different packaging.

It should be pretty clear to people that by only creating one sales site you are not targeting a majority of people, yet this is what most everybody does.  If you don’t have a product and you don’t want to make a product or you just can’t think of a product to make you can take my above concept and creating landing pages for OTHER PEOPLE’s PRODUCTS!  If there’s a hot selling “Make Money Online” product on Clickbank but it appeals to a certain crowd you could make the landing pages to have it appeal to other crowds.  Do some decent SEO work on your site and you can dominate.  If you’re able to rake in a ton of sales it would then be worth the cost to pay someone to create a product for you.  Now instead of getting 50% or 75% of the sale price in commission you can pull in 100% by selling your own product.

This is something I have done successfully in the past and still today.  The best part of this method is you can automate it.  Go to an outsourcing site like ODesk and hire someone to make the landing pages for you.  Next, hire someone to do the SEO work for you.  If all goes well you got yourself passive income coming from not too big of an investment.  And there are a few other ways you can earn even more from this that I’ll save for another day.  Here’s some basic financials, not saying every time you do this will be a homerun, but if you are able to master this technique you can see the potential financial gain here:

Create a Product or Find a Hot Product on Clickbank to Promote :  Cost $0

Hire an outsourcer to build 10 landing pages (get a bulk rate from him):  Cost $500 (you could get good quality in a bulk deal at $50 per page)

Hire a SEO guy to do the offsite link building and social signals for the sites:  Cost $500  (again, a bulk deal for about $50 per site assuming the keywords are not too competitive)

Total Cost:  $1,000

Let’s say that you will earn $35 from each sale.  After 30 sales you are above break even.  That is 3 sales per site.  If you drive targeted niche traffic to your sites this will convert at about 1 in 100 let’s say (conversion rate can very greatly depending on how good your sales page is and how targeted your traffic is).  If this conversion rate is accurate you’d need to drive 300 visitors to each site in order to break even.  It’s not a lot.  It’s not that hard.  Once you break even you are golden because you can sit back and any sales beyond that point is all passive income which is 100% profit.   You will have created yourself a virtual money tree.  You can let it sit and product money.  You can take some of that money and plow it back into SEO and try to increase your rankings which in turn will increase your profits.  You can take your profit and start all over in a new niche or in the same niche but with a new product.  I know this post might seem like I’m making it sound easy, but if you do it right it really is that easy.  If you don’t have funds to do this with 10 sites, or if this concept is new to you, just start out with one site and work to make that successful.  Once you can make it successful with one site it is just a matter of scaling it up and duplicating your success.  Now get out there and make some passive income!


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