Making Money with Amazon Associates Begins with Niche & Keyword Selection

There are over 1 million products on that you could try to earn commission for but choosing the right ones is the difference between making $10 a month and $10,000 a month.  The key is to find the products that people are searching for which have weak keyword competition so you can dominate in the SERPs.  How do you do this?  Where do you begin?  Well this is a great place to start.That will help you pick the niches and the keywords that you should attempt to monetize.  Keyword selection really is the most important part of the process.  If you do everything else well, but you fail at the keyword selection, you will fail – point blank.  You can manually try to find what niches and keywords are waiting to be exposed but to sort through all of the products on Amazon could take years.  Remember, worker smarter not harder.  Automation is key and automating processes will save you time that you can spend making money somewhere else.

After you found the niche and keywords you want to attack there is a great tip I previously wrote about which you can read here on how to increase your click through rate.  Doing keyword research, building a site, doing SEO to drive traffic is all great, but the part that determines if you are a man or a boy is how well you can get people to click through your links.  Depending on the product, a move from a 2% CTR to a 7% CTR could literally translate to thousands of dollars per month in affiliate commissions for you.

Here’s one tip I haven’t mentioned yet anywhere on Anticareer, and it is a pretty simple tip, but it may be one of those simple things that you don’t think about and when you hear it you feel foolish for never thinking of it before…  one trick that I use to increase clickthrough rate (besides my previous article) is I will start a few reviews on my site.  Start off the review with a bang, something really juicy that will make them want to read the rest.

Example:  “When I first bought this product I thought it was good but then I was amazed when I found out I could also use it to…” (Click here to read rest of review)

In my example, the (Click here) piece would be a link to the Amazon product page through my affiliate link.  When you give people a cliffhanger of a review and they are considering purchasing the product they will more times than not click through to see what the juicy part of the review says.  Remember, once they are on the Amazon site with the product staring them in the face they are much more likely to buy the product.  You just need to get them there (and get them there through your affiliate link).  So what are you still doing here?  Get out there and start building your Amazon Associates commission kingdom!

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