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If you are into photography at all, there are many ways we can make money with your photographs. It is not the best way earn money, but if you travel a lot or just like take pictures in general, it is a nice way to earn some passive income without spending any extra time working. For you dive into the world of selling your pictures, you should familiarize yourself with a few terms.

Stock Photos

You’ve probably heard of stock photos before. Once you take a photo, it goes in to your collection of photographs. As soon as you snap the photo, you are the rightful owner of it.When you prepare the photographs for sale, they become part of your stock photo collection.


The moment you snap a photo is when you own the full rights to that photograph. By law, no one is allowed to use that image without your permission. The photographer is allowed to demand compensation in exchange for giving permission to use a copy of the image.


If someone likes your photo a nd wants to use it, they will be able to compensate you in exchange to be able to use a copy of it. This copy is called a license. By selling a license, the photographer is not actually selling all of the rights to the photos like a writer would do with an article. The photographer is only selling someone the ability to use a copy of the the image. If you are familiar with article writing, this is comparable to authors selling PLR content.

As you can see, selling photos is similar to selling files in that the seller is able to sell a copy of the product multiple times.
There are three main ways in which you can license a photograph within the realm that we have laid out for you.


This is the most convenient way to sell your photos. You submit your photos to a website or company and in exchange for a commission, they help sell your progress. If you are a casual photographer, this is the best option to go with as it is the least amount of work.


If you take photography little more seriously, you should take a step up and sell your progress on your own website. It is difficult to find clients and you will have to build a portfolio and network for you will start to see sales, however, in the long run you will be able to make much more per photograph since you will be able to set your own price and you will not have to compete with other people on the same micro stock site.


This is the most nontraditional way of selling photographs. What we mean by products is that you can turn your photographs into actual products which you can sell. You can sell these progress as prints, books and postcards. You can sell these products extra shots and galleries and even online stores. Many times, they will allow you to add multiple products that fit within a common theme. Again, is not for everyone, only the most serious photographers.

If you are into photography, there are many ways in which you can cash in on your hobby. If you are interested in selling your pictures, it would be best to start slow at a micro stock site and see how your photos do. This is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side without having to do anything you don’t want to.



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